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True Blood: Season 2 - First episode reviewed

True Blood: Season 2

Review by Jack Foley

SEXY vampire drama True Blood returned to FX UK in triumphant fashion on Friday night (February 26, 2010), picking up pretty much where the first season left off.

The discovery of the dead body of exorcism specialist Miss Jeanette (complete with her heart ripped out) set the scene for the darkness that followed… and it’s pretty jet black (albeit with humour intact).

Everyone seems to be carrying their own demons now… whether it’s Sookie (Anna Paquin)‘s slow losing of faith, or brother Jason (Ryan Kwanten)‘s willingness to atone for his past indiscretions by attempting to find it. All seem destined for more tragedy.

Even Sam Trammell’s shape-shifting barman with a heart of gold Sam seems to be harbouring his own secrets, which are intrinsically linked to the arrival of mystery woman Maryann (the superbly sinister Michelle Forbes), who -in turn – has Rutina Wesley’s outspoken but heartbroken Tara under her spell.

And then there’s poor Lafayette, chained to a giant wheel in a dingy basement, awaiting some form of fate at the hands of head vampire Eric. Though Saw-like in its design, and terror (the only clue to his possible fate coming from the screams of the various other detainees being carried off above), it’s the darkest moment yet from the series… and a glimpse of events that may be to come.

As we’ve come to expect from Alan Ball’s superbly written series, there’s already plenty of intrigue and complexity on show… which means that True Blood once again has sunk its sharp teeth into our subconscious.

And yet, for all the darkness and brooding, there’s still plenty of humour and sex. Vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) is having trouble keeping his temperamental young vampire charge at bay, as well as being straight with Sookie. Although their argument wasn’t something that a little (bloody) sex couldn’t cure.

And there were the usual moments of glee to be derived from Bon Temps’ bumbling lawmen.

All in all, then, a welcome return from a series that apparently just keeps getting better and better. Friday nights belong to True Blood.

You can catch True Blood: Season 2 on Friday nights on the FX Channel from 10pm.