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True Blood Season 4: What to expect from Alexander Skarsgard’s year

True Blood

Story by Jack Foley

AS season four of vampire hit True Blood begins to air in the US (UK viewers may well have to wait until 2012!) we’ve been swatting up on what to expect from the ongoing adventures of Sookie Stackhouse and company.

First and foremost, Season 4 will reportedly be Alexander Skarsgard’s year, as his character Eric becomes struck with amnesia.

According to a ‘what happens next guide’ compiled by The Hollywood Reporter, the storyline will allow the show to showcase Skarsgard’s acting like never before.

Producer Alexander Woo commented: “The huge challenge is he has to portray someone who has an almost completely different personality, yet is at the roots still the same character and what he’s done with it.

“Seeing how Alex was able to almost instantaneously turn into a different Eric, yet one that was still rooted in the same character at heart is really extraordinary.”

Other Season 4 plot points to look out for include a greater exploration of Sookie’s (Anna Paquin)‘s fairy roots as she comes to grips with what her newfound powers mean.

Bill (Stephen Moyer) will turn into a PR man for the vampires in a bid to try and undo the damage done by Denis O’Hare’s Russell Edginton in series three

And Ryan Kwanten’s Jason Stackhouse will blossom from dim-witted boy into a man. Says Kwanten: “This is the season of the biggest growth for Jason.”

Woo has also promised that Season 4 will involve more flashbacks to vampire histories, as well as more werewolves, witches, shapeshifters, Brujos and “a new force” that is new to the show.

There will even be a new twist on shapeshifters in the form of disembodied spirits or ghosts.

Expect more, too, from the Bellefleur family, while Jessica’s relationship with Hoyt will be put to the test as she continues to explore her vampire nature, and Lafayette’s relationship will also be expanded with Jesus (Kevin Alejandro).

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