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Two And A Half Men reboot details revealed

Two And A Half Men, Season 5

Story by Jack Foley

PLANS to relaunch Two & A Half Men without Charlie Sheen are being put into play, according to a report on The Hollywood Reporter.

Sources close to the show say that series co-creator Chuck Lorre has an idea to reboot the sitcom with a new creative direction that does not involve Sheen, who was fired in March.

Lorre is said to have talked to co-star Jon Cryer about the plan,which would still involve a significant role for him as well as the introduction of a new, as-yet cast character.

The report would appear to finally close the door on any possibility of seeing Sheen return, despite his repeated insistence that he wants to do so.

Sheen, who is currently in the middle of a stand-up tour of America, is currently suing Lorre and Warner Bros. for $100 million. But he is also reportedly working behind the scenes to be reinstated.

Although most of the reports rely on quotes from ‘close sources’, much remains speculative – especially names linked as possible contenders as replacements for Sheen.

A Warners spokesman has already dismissed rumours surrounding Woody Harrelson, Jeremy Piven and Bob Saget among others.

Another question surrounding the reboot is when it would be completed by, especially as CBS is keen to ensure the revenue generated by the popularity of American TV’s most watched comedy is replaced soon with something.

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