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Warwick Davis eyes Doctor Who role as Life's Too Short set for comeback

Life's Too Short

Story by Jack Foley

WARWICK Davis says he would love to play a part in Doctor Who as the Timelord prepares to celebrate his 50th anniversary.

Speaking to the Radio Times after it was confirmed that his own series, Life’s Too Short, would be returning in the spring of 2013, the actor said that appearing in the series was a “dream” role.

“Steven Moffat is somebody I want to talk to,” he said. “I love Sherlock and I would love to be in Doctor Who – it’s been a dream of mine for many years.”

He also fancies playing a villain or something… but not the Doctor!

Davis is the second star to recently express an interest in Doctor Who following comments made by Noel Fielding that he would also like to play a part in the future.

On the subject of Life’s Too Short, series co-creator Ricky Gervais recently revealed that a second run is planned for spring 2013.

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