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Westworld: Season 3 - HBO drops teaser trailer featuring Aaron Paul

Westworld Season 3

AS HBO juggernaut Game of Thrones reached its epic finale, the channel set up its next major event series: the return of Westworld.

A stylish teaser trailer was released for next year’s third series, which – somewhat fascinatingly – looks like a real departure from the original two.

For starters, it has departed the robot-populated fantasy playground of the Wild West for a futuristic setting befitting Blade Runner or Minority Report.

The setting is still, inevitably, populated with robots – but very few of the faces are familiar, as evidenced by its focus on an incoming new character played by Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul.

Set against the backdrop of Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage, it offers up a myriad of possibilities, before closing with a doozy of a final shot, featuring the return of Dolores.

It’s enough to make 2020 a very exciting prospect…

Watch the teaser