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What to watch this week

Chiwetel Ejiofor, Stephen Rea and Christopher Eccleston in The Shadow Line

Tuesday, 3 May
Exile, 9pm, BBC 1

A shock revelation leads Nancy to help with Tom’s search for answers. But the truth of what Sam has been hiding will change both of them forever.

Case Sensitive, 9pm, ITV1
Charlie and Simon track ‘Esther’ to a bird sanctuary, but all they find is a photograph of an unknown mother and child. Sally realises that she is in danger.

Wednesday, 4 May
Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle, 11:20pm, BBC2

Charity: Stewart sets out to explore ideas about charity but ends up talking mostly about crisps.

Fringe, 10pm, Sky1
The team track gravity-defying thieves, and Walter is determined to delay the damage he’s done to the fabric of the universe. Guest starring Lost‘s Jorge Garcia.

Thursday, 5 May
The Shadow Line, 9pm, BBC2

New series. DI Gabriel leads the investigation into the murder of a drug baron. (Pictured above)

Psychoville 2, 10pm, BBC2
New Series: The Ravenhill Psychiatric Hospital explosion survivors reunite to bury a victim of the blast, but there is to be no rest for the wicked.

Friday, 6 May
The Simpsons, 8pm, Sky1

Donnie Fatso: Following an incident involving recycling responsibilities and a bit of bribery, Homer goes undercover to bring down Fat Tony. Mad Men’s Jon Hamm guest stars.

In Treatment, 10:15pm, Sky Atlantic
Paul meets sixth-grader Oliver, caught in the middle of his parents’ divorce, as his mum Bess and dad Luke do little but snipe over their son’s head.

Saturday, 7 May
Doctor Who, 6:15pm, BBC1

The Curse of the Black Spot: The Doctor, Amy and Rory must solve the mystery of the disappearance of a pirate crew at the hands of a beautiful Siren.

The Pacific, 9pm, Sky Atlantic
Marine Robert Leckie battles both the elements and the enemy, as despair and disease take their toll on his unit.

Sunday, 8 May
Vera, 8pm, ITV1

After a woman commits suicide, evidence comes to light exonerating her for a murder 11 years before. DCI Vera Stanhope investigates

Hawaii Five-0, 9pm, Sky1
Kai E’e (Tidal Wave): A major tsunami is making its way to the island and the timing couldn’t be worse: the resident expert has suddenly gone missing. Five-0 investigate.