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William Shatner lines up Shit My Dad Says pilot

William Shatner

Story by Jack Foley

WILLIAM Shatner is to play the patty mouthed father of Twitter sensation Shit My Dad Says in a new television pilot.

The former Star Trek legend is set to play the larger-than-life pa on the CBS multi-camera comedy, which is being executive produced by David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, co-creators of Will & Grace.

The Twitter version of Shit My Dad Says has become something of an online phenomenon, so far enlisting more than 1.16 million followers since its launch last August.

Created by Justin Halpern, after he moved back in with his parents in San Diego, the Twitter feed features the colourful and often profane comments made by Justin’s 73-year-old father during their daily conversations.

Owing to its Internet success, CBS put a script commitment in place last November, which has now been greenlit for a pilot.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Shatner has proven comedic prowess as well as a successful background in spoken word renditions that fit the style of the Shit My Dad Says zingers.

Last year, for instance, he won widespread acclaim for his spoken word interpretations of Sarah Palin’s farewell address and her best-selling book on The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien.

Since Star Trek, he has also found Emmy-winning success for playing the larger-than-life, self-proclaimed legendary litigator Denny Crane on legal dramedy Boston Legal.