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Artistic Director Rachel Edwards announces the Boulevard Theatre's 2020 Season

The Sunset Limited

Season preview

ARTISTIC Director Rachel Edwards has announced the Boulevard Theatre’s 2020 Season. She said:

“I can’t wait to finally open our doors in a few weeks’ time with the London premiere of Ghost Quartet. I can hear the team rehearsing in our beautiful new building and it already sounds fantastic.

“In the 2020 season, there is a wonderful mixture of plays that are notably different from one another. The same can be said of the exceptional directors that we are welcoming through our doors for the first time; Bill Buckhurst, Terry Johnson, Anthony Neilson, Yaël Farber and Kathy Burke. It is a chance to explore, to experiment, and to understand the potential of this extraordinary new space.

“I am also delighted to announce that playwright Abbie Spallen will be the first Boulevard Theatre commission. With a distinct lack of female voices from Northern Ireland on the London stage, this commission feels timely, urgent and exciting.

“It’s an honour to be at the helm of one of the many theatres opening in London at the moment. It is heartening to know that more and more people are seeking out reasons to come together to listen to stories and to share experiences. At its heart, theatre creates community, conversation, understanding and ultimately empathy. I hope that the Boulevard can play its small part in creating an environment where all those things are possible.”


The season opens with the London premiere of Cormac McCarthy’s The Sunset Limited, a gripping play about redemption, faith and free will. Directed by Olivier and Tony Award-winning Terry Johnson (Mrs Henderson Presents, La Cage aux Folles and The Graduate), it runs from January 16 to March 14.

Two men meet on a subway platform; the chance encounter instantly changing the trajectory of both their lives. Thrown together, their conversation quickly turns to the most essential and existential questions facing humanity. While their beliefs seem irreconcilable, the answers they seek could mean the difference between life and death.

Cormac McCarthy is an American novelist, screenwriter, and playwright who has won the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, and the National Book Critics’ Circle Award. A number of his works have been adapted into films including All the Pretty Horses, The Road and four-time Academy Award-winning No Country for Old Men.

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The first London revival of The Effect, written by award-winning Lucy Prebble (A Very Expensive Poison, ENRON, The Sugar Syndrome) and directed by Anthony Neilson (The Tell-Tale Heart, National Theatre; The Prudes and Unreachable, Royal Court), runs from March 19 to May 30.

The Effect won the Critics’ Circle Award for Best New Play when it opened at the National Theatre in 2012. Award-winning writer Lucy Prebble places modern medicine under the microscope, examining the fallout from a collision between love and science.

Connie and Tristan meet; symptoms develop. Racing hearts. Lost appetites. Erratic emotions. Is this the frenzy of falling in love, or simply side effects from the new anti-depressant drug they’re testing? Addiction comes hard and fast. But have the clinicians running the trial lost control?

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Hello and Goodbye

Hello and Goodbye, written by Tony Award-winning playwright Athol Fugard and directed by multi award-winning director Yaël Farber (Blood Wedding, Young Vic; The Crucible, The Old Vic; Mies Julie, Riverside Studios), runs from June 4 to July 25.

It’s been fifteen years since Johnny and Hester Smit have seen one another – not since the day Hester fled to Johannesburg in search of a different life. While Hester’s world has expanded – not always for the better – Johnny’s life has been reduced to the four walls of the rundown family home, and his role caring for their infirm father.

Suddenly Hester returns one night to claim the inheritance she believes to be rightfully hers. What begins as the siblings’ search for their legacy quickly becomes a desperate pursuit for truth, understanding and a future free from the shackles of their shared heritage.

Hello and Goodbye is a searing exploration of the claustrophobic hold the past can have on the present.

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Celebrated actor and director Kathy Burke (Lady Windermere’s Fan, West End; Blue/Orange, Sheffield Crucible) directs The Cavalcaders. A bittersweet story of music, memories and moving on by acclaimed writer Billy Roche (Wexford Trilogy), it runs from September 16 to November 21.

All his life, cobbler Terry has spent his days tending to his neighbour’s soles. It’s now time for his apprentice to take over, and Terry finds himself handing down two types of keys… In the corner of the shop sits a piano, and come closing time the workers transform into The Cavalcaders – legendary local barbershop quartet.

While the group may be pitch-perfect onstage, they often seem to find themselves tone-deaf when it comes to relationships. In a close-knit Irish community, lives, loves and longings overlap as easily as the Cavalcaders’ melodies, and private lives have never stayed private for long.

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