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Autumn 2019 at The Albany (Family Shows and Events)

Season preview

THE Albany has announced its Autumn 2019 Season and it spans music, theatre, spoken word and family shows at its three venues – the Albany and Deptford Lounge in Deptford and, Canada Water Theatre in Southwark.


One Duck Down – at Canada Water Theatre on September 7 at 1pm and 3pm. Tickets: £7/£24 family ticket. Ages 3+.

7,000 rubber ducks. Seven Seas. One big adventure!

Billy is prepared to venture to the ends of the earth to win the affections of his sweetheart. Soon he is swept up on an ocean clear up adventure that would make David Attenborough proud.

One Duck Down is an award-winning show inspired by a true tale (featured on Blue Planet II) that saw 7,000 Rubber Ducks cast adrift in a mighty storm. Jam packed with music, clowning and puppetry, it teaches all ages the importance of looking after our oceans.

Plot 17: Work-in-Progress, a hip-hop garden party for families – in the Albany garden on September 8 at 3pm. Pay-What-You-Decide. Ages 7+.

Underground hip-hop hero, Kenny Baraka AKA the Green Man is on a mission to make stuff green. He needs your help to save the city before there are no trees, grass or fields left. Join him in Plot 17.

Plot 17 will share 20 minutes of the Green Man’s story and music and then you get you to make something so you can go off to and complete your mission as a Green Man Guerrilla.

Plot 17 is commissioned by Apples and Snakes with support from Team London Bridge and the Albany.

Errol’s Garden: Work-in-Progress Reading – at Canada Water Theatre on September 20 at 12pm. Pay-What-You-Decide. Ages 3+.

A work-in-progress sharing of an interactive children’s musical, exploring community, imagination and a passion for plants. Filled with catchy songs, humour and imagination.

Errol is a young boy living in the inner city who longs for his own garden. He discovers that his flat has a rooftop that would be perfect for a garden. But the rooftop is full of rubbish and transforming the space into a garden will be a big task, so he invites his neighbours to join him. Soon there are flowers, fruits and vegetables for everyone to share.

Based on the book by Gillian Hibbs, Errol’s Garden encourages children to joyfully use their ideas to make a positive impact on their local community.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – at Canada Water Theatre on September 21 and 22 at 2pm and 4pm. Tickets: £7/£24 family ticket. Ages 2+.

We’re going on a bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one, what a beautiful day! We’re not scared.

Little Angel Theatre bring Michael Rosen’s thrilling and funny adventure to life in this entrancing puppetry production directed by Peter Glanville and with music and lyrics by renowned singer-songwriter Barb Jungr.

Kaleidoscope – at The Albany on Monday, October 7 at 11.30am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm and 3.30pm and at Canada Water Theatre on Wednesday, October 9 at 11.30am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm and 3.30pm. Tickets: £7/£24 family ticket. Ages 6 – 18 months.

Bursting with mirrors, lights, colours and sound, Kaleidoscope is the perfect introduction to theatre for little ones. Inspired by research into how a baby’s sense of sight develops and how they instinctively begin to categorise colour, watch as a multi-coloured kaleidoscope is brought to life for you and your baby.

NB: Both parents/carers and babies need a ticket to this event.

Hocus Pocus – at The Albany on October 13 at 2pm and 5pm. Tickets: £12/£8/£34 family ticket. Ages 7+.

Leaving room for the imaginations of children to soar, this international hit features two awesomely dextrous performers, vivid costumes and eerie props. Lausanne-based choreographer Philippe Saire directs the ethereal work, with dance, theatre and stage trickery set to music from Grieg’s Peer Gynt.

Emily Rising – at Canada Water Theatre on October 22 and 23 at 1pm and 3pm. Tickets: £7/£24 family ticket. Ages 7+.

Emily wakes up one bright autumn morning to find that her feet can’t touch the ground, and no one can understand why. To everyone’s surprise Emily keeps rising higher and higher.

From sleeping upside-down on her ceiling to soaring over a starry-skied London, Emily’s adventure is just beginning. Emily discovers a world that looks completely different. She’s not scared at all, it’s fun being high up. But she’s not coming down…

The Bear, from the book by Raymond Briggs, adapted by Pins and Needles Productions – at The Albany on October 22 at 2pm and on October 23 and 24 at 11am and 2pm. Tickets: £7/£24 family ticket. Ages 3+.

One night when she’s fast asleep, Tilly is visited by an enormous bear. It has a big black tongue and a yawn as big as your head. But Tilly’s not scared.

The story of a little girl who befriends a mischievous polar bear, this playful, funny and heart-warming tale is one of imagination and growing up.

With dazzling puppetry, delicious music and dozens of laughs, The Bear is an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

The Snow Dragon – at Canada Water Theatre on November 2 at 1pm and 3pm. Tickets: £7/£24 family ticket. Ages 3+.

Billy has everything a young goat could need, and more besides. On New Year’s Eve, Billy is looking forward to the annual visit of the legendary Snow Dragon, who will bring him even more goodies.

But when Billy bumps into some hungry wolves in the forest, New Year’s Day seems a long way off. How will Billy escape? And has he been naughty or nice?

Toe-tapping songs and lots of laughs from the company responsible for The Gruffalo.

Stella – at The Albany on November 3 at 2pm and 4pm. Tickets: £7/£24 family ticket. Ages 3+.

Stella is a Star Engineer. From her home on the Moon she keeps the stars shining bright for when we need them most, to make a wish or find our way back home. But down on Earth things are changing. The world is becoming bright, busy and people aren’t looking up. We want to talk about our sky and how sometimes it’s important to turn out the lights and wish upon a star.

Featuring projection, playful performance and aerial circus, Stella was originally commissioned by ARC, Stockton and The Barnsley Civic.

Love2Dance Showcase – at The Albany on November 24 at 2pm and 6pm. Tickets: £5/£2 Lewisham Homes Residents. Suitable for all ages.

Love2Dance members come together to show off what they have learnt in a spectacular live street dance showcase. Featuring guest performances from professional dancers.

Love2Dance is a partnership between the Albany and Lewisham Homes giving young people in the borough opportunities to access high quality workshops, events, performances, and master classes. Visit the Get Involved section of the Albany website to find out more.

The Last Noël – at Deptford Lounge on November 24 at 2.30pm. Pay-What-You-Decide. Ages 12+.

It’s December 25. Three generations of a family are busy preparing a feast, and you’re invited. But someone is missing from the table. The Last Noël is a funny, moving and uplifting play with live music and original songs by award-winning writer Chris Bush.

Frozen Snow Queen – at Canada Water Theatre on December 20 and 21 at 12pm and 7pm. Tickets: £12/£8 concessions/£34 family ticket. Ages 12+.

A brand new interactive, festive adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen with incorporated British Sign Language and spoken English.

Featuring a cast of two live performers joined digitally by a host of other characters. Join us on a journey through an icy landscape with a young woman searching to find her soulmate who has been kidnapped by the evil Snow Queen.

Aimed at all families but with particular appeal to any families with a D/deaf member.

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For more information or to book tickets, call the box office on 020 8692 4446 or visit