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BAC - Summer 2014

Season preview

AS WELL as Our Fathers (June 11 to June 14), Battersea Arts Centre has four productions lined up for the summer months.

Fort G – June 20 and 21 at 9pm. Tickets: £12, £9 concessions.

Imagine a small island in the middle of the ocean. It can’t be found on any map. The days seem longer, nature is fierce and it smells like pinetrees. There are weird rituals to defuse fear; the island knows it will drown, soon. But when exactly? Imagine that it’s impossible to leave this island… Welcome to Fort G.

Anne and Vera travel in their imagination to this place surrounded by water, trying to live with the threat of the coming tidal wave. For one of them it’s a true nightmare, for the other one a way to embrace the fact that we’ll all die one day.

Fort G features alarming and heartwarming music by Teresa Campos.

Wot? No Fish!! – July 1 to July 19 at 7:30pm (7pm on July 3). Tickets: £15, £12 concessions.

Premiering to critical acclaim at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013, bread&circuses’ one-man show takes audiences on a captivating journey spanning decades.

In 1926, shoemaker Ab Solomons drew on the wage-packet he gave to his wife Celie. Throughout their marriage, right up until the early eighties, Ab had drawn a wage-packet cartoon every week for her. These cartoons, with blistering honesty, through all their ups and downs, chronicled Solomons’ family life.

Danny Braverman’s solo show tells the funny and moving story of how he discovered the lost art of his Great-uncle.

Wot? No Fish!! is described as an extraordinary story about love and art, history and catering; of Ab and Celie, who went on a journey along a road that went uphill both ways – a journey they took together.

Dumbstruck – July 2 to July 19. Wednesday to Saturday at 8pm (9pm on July 3). Tickets: £12, £9 concessions.

Fiona is losing her voice. Mal is losing his faith. Ted is losing his marbles. Somewhere in the North Pacific, a lonely whale sings.

Armed with a stage full of instruments and a box of chalk, Fine Chisel’s award-winning actor-musicians conjure the rush of waves, the buzz of a 1960s pirate radio station and the far-from-dry world of marine mammal bioacoustics.

If Destroyed Still True – July 24 and 25 at 9pm. Tickets: £12, £9 concessions.

Last year Molly saw an old school friend in a sauna. Rather than engage in small talk, she found a way to hide from her in what’s essentially a small, hot shed. It was weird. It occurred to her that her relationship with her teenage self might be slightly dysfunctional.

If Destroyed Still True is a new storytelling show from Molly Naylor (BBC Radio 4’s Whenever I Get Blown Up I Think Of You) and musician Iain Ross (Bearsuit, Mega Emotion).

Part autobiography, part fictional story about 15-year-old Jane’s battle to stop her house falling into the ocean, If Destroyed Still True is a show about youth, friendship, growing up and our relationship with our teenage selves. Contains loud guitars, the sea and cringing.

For more information or to book, call the box office on 020 7223 2223 or visit