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Battersea Arts Centre - December 2012

Machines For Living

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

AS WELL as Midnight’s Pumpkin (December 8 to January 13), Battersea Arts Centre has a diverse programme scheduled for December 2012:

Machines For Living – December 4 to December 8 (7pm). Tickets: £10, £8 – available online at

Immersed in the social idealism of the 1960’s, two architects believe they can design life. They move into the tower block they have created, engineered to encourage kinship and social harmony. As the building degenerates and Community breaks down, who should be held responsible?

Fusing playful dark humour with tragic scope, Let Slip/Crank bring their irreverent and visually arresting style to explore the legacy of Britain’s tower blocks.

Machines For Living was originally a Let Slip production, co-produced by the Blue Elephant Theatre Camberwell, now redeveloped by Crank in association with BAC.

The Many Apologies of Pecos Bill: Scratch, Greg Wohead – December 6 to December 8 (9pm). Tickets: Pay What You Can. Book online at

A true story about a Texan falling in love with a woman who rode on the back of a giant catfish, The Many Apologies of Pecos Bill is an investigation of tall tales, an evocation of big skies and an attempt to reach backwards across an ocean.

Using true storytelling, live music (by Mat Martin) and a pico projector, Wohead will try to find his way back to Texas.

Suitable for ages 12+.

Red, Like Our Room Used To Feel, Ryan van Winkle – December 12 to December 22 (between 6.20pm and 9.40pm). Tickets: £5, £3 concessions – available online at

Red Like Our Room Used To Feel is an intimate poetry performance from Ryan Van Winkle. It is an audio voyage featuring melodies from Ragland.

It is a red room to lay down in. An art installation with paintings, photographs and ephemera from a host of artists. It is joy, memory and loss condensed into fifteen minutes. A cup of tea, a snifter of port and a space to listen.

Red Like Our Room Used To Feel is not suitable for children.

Northern Soul

Northern Soul, Victoria Melody – December 14 and 15 (8pm). Tickets: £10, £8 concessions – available online at

Directed by Ursula Martinez and performed and devised by Victoria Melody, Northern Soul is an hilarious one-woman show about Victoria’s attempts at joining in.

Immersing herself in other people’s worlds, Victoria examines national characteristics, focusing on the extraordinary in the everyday. She explores Britain’s pastimes, passions and tribes. A treasure trove of films, photos and paraphernalia accompany her journey in this comedic, engaging and hopeful performance.

Romance and Adventure, Josie Long – December 19 to December 21 December (7pm). Tickets: £12, £10 concessions – available online at

Josie Long is back on tour with her sixth solo show. Last year’s show, The Future is Another Place, saw her wrestling with a new found anger about the Coalition government and discovering political activism.

A year on and this show is about struggling to keep going when you are tired out, about doubt and about turning 30. But that all makes it seem much more serious than it is – the show is full of joy and excitement. There’s a lot about high-end adventure pursuits, there’s a lot of her doing a 1920’s voice and there’s a bit where she pretends to be some kind of posh Godzilla on the rampage for some reason.

Romance and Adventure is suitable for ages 14+.

At the end of the month, there are also a number of Scratch performances – Orpheus (December 20 – 22 at 7.15pm), Living Things (December 20 – 22 at 8pm), Standby for Tape Back-Up (December 19 – 21 at 8.45pm) and My Name is Rifnur (December 21 and 22 at 9pm).