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Better Than Life - a new kind of theatre

Theatre news

THROUGHOUT June 2014, Coney is developing a 45-minute interactive theatre piece designed to be enjoyed both by a small live audience, and by an unlimited number of people online simultaneously.

Blending elements from theatre, gaming and TV, this is an exploration of a new type of live event which generates drama by giving audiences online and in the physical space agency to influence the narrative world of the piece.

Tickets are available for a small number of people to take part in an experience which will cast them as founding members of an extraordinary new movement, which offers them the chance to alter the course of human history.

Coney is also looking for people to register online to become part of the experience by watching the show remotely, and using specially-developed web tools to influence events in the live space. Book tickets or sign up online (

The Story of the Show: The Positive Vision Movement

The Positive Vision Movement began with a minor road accident in early 2014 when an injured cyclist, Gavin Jackson, started having visions of the future. Gavin is a journalist and a resolutely rational man, so at first he didn’t believe that his visions could be true. But time and again he would draw pictures of his visions and they would come to pass.

Gavin has been assessed and tested by top academics, who have confirmed that his visions are genuine. Nobody can yet explain how a bang on the head unlocked Gavin’s visionary potential – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. The evidence is overwhelming. We urge you to examine it for yourself.

It appears that Gavin’s visions are clustering around a future event in June 2014 at a secret location in London SE14. The details are unclear, but it seems to be a world-changing moment in London, UK. Now he needs your help to ensure that the future he foresees will happen as it should.

Gavin has seen that some of you will join him, now you just need to relax, sign up and let the fates run their course.

Open rehearsals – organic beta version of the production – your chance to see a show in embryo:

Thursday, June 12 at 6pm.
Thursday, June 12 at 8pm (sold out).
Friday, June 13 at 1pm.

Previews – revised show based on last week’s mistakes – still a bit rough around the edges:

Thursday, June 19 at 6pm.
Thursday, June 19 at 8pm (sold out).

Final presentation – media-rich prototype of a full show – tell us what works and how to develop further:

Thursday, June 26 at 6pm (sold out).
Thursday, June 26 at 8pm (sold out).
Friday, June 27 at 1pm.

NB: Please do not expect a fully finished experience when you sign up for Better Than Life. Do, though, expect, something surprising and intriguing which showcases the potential of this format.

The live shows will be streamed to the web, so everyone who buys a ticket to attend a performance needs to be comfortable about being viewed by a registered online audience via the bespoke website.

Attendees should also expect to take part in a series of activities that might require you carry out a few physical and mental tests, as well as interact with and talk to your fellow audience members.

Online audience members need to be comfortable with the idea that Coney want to track and sometimes moderate online behaviour during shows in terms of limiting chat, watching which camera views are chosen, seeing how people choose to take part in communal online activities and decision-making.

Coney will be asking everyone who signs up for these early stage performances of Better Than Life to give lots of feedback in the form of very simple questionnaires and short interviews.

The more you can tell Coney about the experience you have, the better the research into this emerging form of entertainment will be. All research will be published in August/September 2014.

Better Than Life is an experimental collaboration between Coney, Goldsmiths and Showcaster.