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Blue Elephant Children's Theatre 2007

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Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

THE BLUE Elephant’s 2007 Children’s Theatre Season, Trumpety Trump!, will feature the best children’s theatre companies from across the UK, showcasing accessible, visual theatre that the whole family can enjoy – on Sundays, November 11 to December 9, at 3pm.

Puppets and people will be performing age-old family favourites – and even the odd free workshop – thanks to the support of the Lottery’s Awards for All scheme.

The Amazing Mr Noah! – Sunday, November 11.

Professor Popup is on holiday and it’s raining cats and dogs! Trapped indoors, the Professor begins to tell the story of Noah and how he saved the animals from the flood.

There will be a free workshop on how to make a puppet, immediately after the show!

Tickets: £3. Suitable for ages 3-9.

Head in the Clouds – Sunday, November 18.

It’s a windy day when The Puppet Man arrives to put on a show. His magical hat blows away and goes on a journey giving daydreams to everyone who wears it. Youngsters can expect to meet a Lollipop Lady, Pirates, Polar Bears, a Dancing Tiger and the Man-in-the-Moon.

Head in the Clouds is described as a witty, whimsical and musical adventure of the imagination!

Tickets: £3. Suitable for ages 3-9.

Over The Moon/Jabulani and the Hungry Crocodile – Sunday, November 25.

A double bill of shadow puppetry begins with Ripstop’s Over the Moon about a little girl who wants to play with the moon. But the closer she gets the thinner the moon becomes…something is eating it, slice by slice. But what? And can she save it in time?

Then, Objects Dart tells an African folk tale about Jabulani, who goes down to the river and meets a very hungry crocodile…

Tickets: £3. Suitable for ages 4-7.

The Magnificent Flying Machine – Sunday, December 2.

Follow the wacky adventures of Garlic Theatre’s Professor Bix Horn as he flies by the seat of his pants and tries to build a flying machine out of the most unlikely things…

Tickets: £3. Suitable for ages 4+.

The Lucky Gingerbread Man – Sunday, December 9.

Once upon a time, a skinny little woman and a funny little man were baking gingerbread when the heard a voice from the oven… So begins the adventure of the lucky Gingerbread Man whose journey takes him all the way to the moon!

Youngsters can also make their own Gingerbread Man Christmas adventure with a free workshop straight after the show.

Tickets: £3. Suitable for ages 3-7.

For more information call the box office on 020 7701 0100 or visit the website.