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Buddy - The 25th Anniversary Tour

Theatre news

THE 25th Anniversary Tour of Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story opens at Cheltenham’s Everyman Theatre on September 4, 2013.

Buddy tells the enduring tale of the musical icon’s meteoric rise to fame and his final legendary performance at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa, before his tragic and untimely death at the age of 22.

In 18 short months the Texan revolutionized the face of contemporary music influencing everyone from The Beatles to Bruce Springsteen.

The show includes more than 20 Buddy Holly hits, among them That’ll Be The Day, Peggy Sue, Oh Boy and Rave On, as well as the Big Bopper’s Chantilly Lace and Ritchie Valens’ La Bamba.

Buddy’s widow, Maria Elena Holly, says of the show’s latest milestone: “When we opened the show we never imagined Buddy’s music and story would still be rocking stages and entertaining audiences around the world week-in week-out 25 years later.

“I believe this is testament to a great show – the first of its kind – and to the enduring appeal of Buddy Holly and what he represents; a youthful energy, huge talent and creativity, combined with a determination to make a lasting impression in this world.

“Buddy was certainly a one-off, as the show demonstrates. It’s incredible to witness subsequent generations getting carried away in Buddy’s music – proof that his spirit lives on through all of us.

Buddy is one of those shows that an audience trusts; and once someone has bought their ticket they know they are in for a fantastic night out.”

Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story – 25 Years in Numbers (some facts to ponder):

In total, the show’s Buddy Hollys have sung 17 songs 259,671 times.

185,000 guitar strings have been replaced (92 miles) and over 203,000 plectrums used.

Over 3,250 pairs of trousers have had to be replaced – due to Buddy knee-sliding across stages throughout the world – and 400 pairs of glasses.

Over 33 tons of Persil has been used by the show’s Wardrobe Masters and Mistresses, as well as more than 2,275 gallons of fabric conditioner.

145,000 feet (27.46 miles) of guitar cable has been used and 2,829,214 radio mic batteries replaced.

The trucks that are used to transport the show from venue to venue have now travelled approximately five-and-three-quarter times around the world!

Over 3.3 million programmes have been sold.

The performers have drunk over 102,000 gallons of bottled water. The beer intake has never been monitored!

Since Buddy first began there have been 24 actors playing the title role of Buddy in the West End, on tour and on Broadway: Paul Hipp, Billy Geraghty, Joe Warren Davies, Ken Triwush, Stephen Gray, Chip Esten, Joe Lutton, Alex Bourne, Martin Fisher, Angus MacGregor, John Sheridon, Craig Urbani, Kevin Pallister, Robert Burke Warren, Klaus White, Van Zieler, Reuven Gershon, Edward Handoll, Elliot Harper, Dean Elliott, Matthew Wycliffe, Glen Joseph, Oliver Seymour Marsh and Roger Rowley.

The Cast album has received a Gold Disc.

Throughout the world ten couples have met and married while working in the company and there have been 20 Buddy babies!

The tour will also visit Buxton (September 9 – 14), Halifax (September 16 – 21), Inverness (September 23 – 28), Aberdeen (September 30 – October 5), King’s Lynn (October 8 – 12), Swansea (October 14 – 19), Portsmouth (October 21 – 26), Lowestoft (October 28 – November 2), Rhyl (November 6 – 9), Northampton (November 11 – 16), Poole (November 18 – 23), Watford (November 25 – 27) and Guildford (November 28 – 30).

Further dates to be added – check for details.