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Camden People's Theatre - Autumn 2013

Season preview

FOLLOWING its success at the Edinburgh Fringe, Camden People’s Theatre has announced its programme for Autumn 2013 and it includes:

Oxbow Lakes, a site specific performance at the old print works (17-20 Parr Street, Hoxton, N1 7ET) – September 4 to September 28. Wednesday to Saturday at 7.30pm. Tickets: £15, £10 concessions.

Oxbow Lakes is presented by Dirty Market, a company used to making work in crumbling chapels and old abattoirs and performances out of stuff that’s normally thrown away. Previous shows include Bacchaeful, Something About You… and Ovalhouse’s first full commission, Be Good Revolutionaries.

Oxbow Lakes, a little fairy tale for grown-ups, previewed at CPT’s Sprint Festival in March 2013. Dusk. A boy searches for sleep. A mother searches for her son. A husband searches for the woman he once married. The wood is calling – the dark space on the edge of Oxbow. A body floats up from the lake…

The Incurable Imagination of Anthony Jones – September 5 and 6 at 7.30pm. Tickets: £10, £8 concessions.

There are more potential connections in the human brain than there are atoms in the universe: pretty mindblowing, isn’t it?

In this London premiere of a new show by Bread and Goose, Anthony guides us on a tour through the depths of the neuron forest, where we discover the magnitude of possibility within our own minds. Join Bread and Goose on an interactive quest to discover how identity can survive memory loss.

Bread and Goose create engaging journeys through non-traditional theatre spaces, placing the audience at the centre of the story. They developed their show Mission as part of CPT’s Starting Blocks scheme in 2012.

CPT scratch double-bill – September 13 at 7.30pm. Tickets: £8, £6 concessions.

Showcasing work in development at CPT, this scratch night gives audiences an opportunity to watch and feed back on Rhyannon Styles and Amy Draper’s follow-up project to their hit show Angel Cake (part of CPT’s Futureshock season in December 2012) and on Thomas Martin’s Professional Supervision, a new project from a graduate of CPT’s Starting Blocks scheme in 2011.

Styles Saturn Returns by Rhyannon Stles and Amy Draper.

Rhyannon Styles’ first solo show is a direct response to Julie Burchill’s notorious Observer article in which she referred to transgendered persons as ‘shemales’ and ‘bed-wetters in bad wigs’. Styles Saturn Returns explores and exposes the process of ‘transitioning’ in Rhyannon’s signature style, which includes visual theatre, dance and rock ‘n’ roll.

Professional Supervision by Thomas Martin.

Thomas Martin presents this first work-in-progress performance, on how a portion of Jackass creator Johnny Knoxville’s consciousness travelled from the future to live inside his head. With words and performance from Thomas Martin, and guitar from Luke Novak.

The Watery Journey of Nereus Pike by Laura Mugridge – October 8 to October 10 at 11am. Tickets: £10 £8 concessions. Tickets to these performances are exclusively available to parents and children under one-year-old – as part of a new initiative making theatre available and affordable to parents who would otherwise need a babysitter.

Nereus Pike is floating down from the sunshine to the bottom of the sea. He’s not unhappy about this. This is not how he dies. This latest show by Scotsman Fringe First Award-winning comedian and theatre-maker Laura Mugridge, is a collaboration with Katy Schutte and Tom Adams, with live music from Tom. Expect sea creatures, an impromptu rave scene and a nautical jumper.

A Cure for Ageing by Ira Brand – October 8 to October 10 at 7.30pm. Tickets: £10, £8 concessions.

This is a one-woman show about being young and foolish, and becoming old and wise, or being young and wise, and becoming old and foolish. How can we talk more honestly and openly about ageing, and the physical, mental, and emotional experience of getting older? A Cure for Ageing offers intimate and personal accounts woven together in a celebration of life and the journey of years.

Ira Brand is an artist, performance-maker and writer, working across theatre and live art. Her work has been presented at The Junction, Forest Fringe, Buzzcut and Pulse. A Cure for Ageing was part of the SPILL National Platform.

A Real Man’s Guide to Sainthood from Milk Presents – October 11 to October 13 at 7.30pm. Tickets: £10, £8 concessions.

Disembowelling a national legend, Milk Presents invite you into a world of old-school gadgetry, original live music and bicycle power, to tell the story of a saint. Follow George as he journeys from boy to man, to courageous warrior. Can the boyish hope of a nation save the day before he turns into a beast himself? Manliness is dissected and a legend is laid bare on a cadaver tray.

According to the press release, this sixty-minute whirlwind of a show from a Total Theatre Award-nominated company is sure to put hairs on your chest.

Calm Down, Dear: a Festival of Feminism from CPT – October 22 to November 9 at 7.30pm and 9pm. Prices TBC.

A three-week festival of theatre and performance, cabaret, comedy, short films and lively discussion about feminism: what it meant then, what it means now, and why it’s resurgent. There will be brand new shows, special commissions, input from leading feminist thinkers and provocateurs, and a critical eye turned on gender inequality, the sexualisation of society, everyday sexism, and much more. Staged in association with the Underwire Short Film festival.

Headline shows include:

Pretty Ugly by Louise Orwin.

After a summer in which trolling and cyber-bullying has hogged the headlines, this electrifying and urgent theatre event, developed on CPT’s Starting Blocks scheme, now receives its full premiere. Louise Orwin says: “This show is about you rating me based solely on my looks. It is also about a recent worldwide trend of teenage girls posting videos on YouTube asking viewers to rate their looks, and about my trail of research into the world of the teenage social networker in 2013 to try and understand why.”

The Fanny Hill Project from Theatre State.

Fanny’s got a story to tell but everyone else is going to tell it for her. Theatre State present a wicked satire on the representation of women in the media, as pop culture collides with the “infamous eighteenth century porno” Fanny Hill.

The DYSPLA Festival – November 11 to November 13 at 7.30pm. Tickets: £12 advance, £15 on the door.

“Monsters, Mavericks, Mothers”: DYSPLA celebrates the work of dyslexic storymakers and has done since 2007. This year’s festival focuses on narratives about containment; both metaphorical and physical, with a strong emphasis on female protagonists.

Gala fundraiser night: November 11. Tickets £25 (includes wine, food and Festival Pass).

Our Glass House from Common Wealth Theatre in association with CPT – November 11 to November 30 at 3pm and 7.30pm. Tickets: £10, £5 concessions. In a residential house near CPT, tbc.

Have you ever had to leave somewhere in a hurry? Had the courage to leave, pack your bags, dance down the side of the building or leave with nothing – not even the shoes on your feet?

Straight from a total sell-out run on the Edinburgh Fringe, Common Wealth Theatre collaborates with artists, musicians, builders and even a magician to transform a house into a world for you to explore. This acclaimed site-specific event is based on real-life testimonies from women and men who have survived domestic abuse, and follows the lives of six characters with action happening simultaneously around you.

The Collective Project from The Pensive Federation – November 19 to November 23 at 7.30pm, Saturday matinee at 2pm. Tickets: £10, £8 concessions.

Building upon last year’s Collective Project, the Pensive Federation will utilise a team of actors, writers and directors to explore the concept of a collective group.

The project will challenge artists to work as collaboratively as they can, to create eight new twelve-minute plays in just twelve days. For inspiration, the writers will have the actors’ voices and the group dynamics they observe in a day of exercises and games. All that, and just one collective noun: colony, congregation, company, gang, coalition, pack, brace, horde, pride, family, mob, cohort, army, swarm, troupe, team, squad, bevy, troop, chapter, company, panel, audience, band, crowd, posse, crew, choir…

Meet George, a work in progress co-presented by Undercurrent and CPT – November 25 and 26 at 7.30pm. Tickets: £7, £5 concessions.

What rules us? Our genes or our ‘free will’? Acclaimed theatre company Undercurrent, in partnership with CPT, research and develop a captivating new theatre production exploring the motives behind kindness, culminating in two work-in-progress performances.

In 1970’s London, George Price, a self-taught evolutionary theorist, became the first person to articulate altruism in a mathematical equation. Within years, he was dead by his own hand in a flat in Tolmers Square – within yards of where CPT is now based. This new work explores the man, his work and extraordinary life.

Instructions for a Better Life from Uncanny Theatre – November 29 and 30 at 7.30pm. Tickets: £10, £8 concessions.

Uncanny Theatre have lived a life of believing stories that turned out to be ridiculous. As people struggle to make sense of their lives, Uncanny look at what people believe without question, and attempt to unpick the oddity of what we think we think. Part-“choose-your-own-adventure”, part-shadow play and part-manic romp through human psychology, Uncanny stretch logic to breaking point in a show that is described as visually arresting, absurdly funny and full of low-tech interventions.

Tony and Mike by Tom Frankland and Laura Mugridge – December 9 to December 14. Times and prices TBC.

Tony the Owl lives in the countryside. He’s really happy in his little garden until Joe and Charlotte turn up and ruin his peace and quiet. They’ve moved from the city for a quieter life and, to be honest, they’ve got no idea what they’re doing. To make matters worse, they’ve bought Mike the Squirrel with them. He’s loud, he’s cheeky and he likes to party. Featuring puppetry, original music, and real earth, this is a family show about making friends, being different and why that’s okay.

Tony and Mike was commissioned by Farnham Maltings and developed with The Lowry with support from Corn Exchange Newbury and The Albany.

For more information or to book, call 08444 77 1000 or visit