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Celtic Tiger

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

IRISH dancing phenomenon, Michael Flatley, returns to the UK in Spring 2006, with a new dance spectacular, Celtic Tiger. Part of an international tour, it will come to Wembley Arena for one night only – on April 26 at 8pm.

Flatley danced his way to fame in 1994 with Riverdance which began as an interval feature in the Dublin-held Eurovision Song Contest. He went on to create the critically acclaimed Lord of the Dance.

Celtic Tiger is a lesson in Irish history, courtesy of images projected onto a huge screen, in front of which, meticulously choreographed dancers portray key moments from the past. These include the 1916 rebellion and the birth of modern Ireland.

Talking about the show which he not only devised but also choreographs and co-produces, Flatley said that it’s the fulfilment of a life ambition.

“It is like having the greatest movie in the world with the largest screen, the greatest dancing in the world with the most wonderful company, and the greatest pop concert in the world with an amazing score, all in one show.”

And he added, “Celtic Tiger portrays the oppression of a people and the tiger symbolises the awakening of their spirit and their struggle for freedom.”

Flatley also spoke of his personal involvement with the production, “I am lucky that I can be my own producer, but I also sweep up after myself, so I do all the little jobs as well. I love the company and I think the show is unique.”

Celtic Tiger will also visit Newcastle, Sheffield, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow.

Tickets cost £42.50 and £35 (Buy tickets now).

A DVD will be released by Universal Pictures to coincide with UK dates.