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Chickenshed celebrates 45th Anniversary at Kensington Palace

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

ON THURSDAY, November 7, 2019, Chickenshed will be celebrating its 45th Anniversary year with a spectacular evening at Kensington Palace.

The evening, called A Night for Dreamers, will include an immersive promenade through the State Rooms of Kensington Palace, specially-curated fine dining and incredible live performances from Chickenshed’s talented large cast and the launch of a new programme called The Space Between Us.

The 300 guests include:

Ade Adepitan, Sinéad Cusack, Max Irons, Joely Richardson, Christopher Biggins, Rory Bremner, Mathew Horne, Ashley Walters, Kevin Clifton, Michelle Collins, Lindsey Coulson, Tanya Franks, Scott Mitchell, Maria Friedman, Anneka Rice, and Janet Suzman.

The Space Between Us shows how the power of performing arts can reduce loneliness and isolation, while (re)building communities and improving mental wellbeing. At a time when many people feel that human connection is being lost, communities are more divided than ever, and mental health issues are on the rise, this programme will show the world what is possible.

Chickenshed has been working with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s favourite artist, Schoony, to bring this programme to life through an installation which will be released at Kensington Palace tomorrow (November 7, 2019).

A life-cast sculpture of Tamika, a Space Between Us participant, is trapped inside a box as a visual representation of everyone’s vulnerability, isolation and loneliness. Through sound, light and performance, Chickenshed will show the strength of human connection in removing the barriers between us, taking away the physical and metaphorical box, and leaving a stronger, more inspiring community in its place.

Following this event, Chickenshed will be taking The Space Between Us into areas across the UK to various settings from prisons and schools – to politics and care homes.

This year, Chickenshed’s Christmas show is Snow White (November 27, 2019 to January 11, 2020).