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Danny & The Deep Blue Sea - The Old Red Lion Theatre (Review)

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

Review by Shanna Schreuder

AN unconventional love story that sees two social outcasts overcome their inner demons to get what they’ve never had before, award-winning playwright John Patrick Shanley’s 1983 play, Danny & The Deep Blue Sea focuses on two New Yorkers finding love in the most unlikely place.

Hothead loner Danny enters an almost empty bar to lick his fresh wounds from yet another brawl and sits a table away from troubled Roberta who’s escaping her self-sabotaging thoughts and cramped family home where her parents look after her 13-year-old son.

Their conversation begins as an aggressive back and forth, yet slowly but surely their deepest, darkest secrets come flooding out as they reluctantly become more at ease with each other.

As physical violence is Danny’s first reaction to almost anything, there are several uncomfortable encounters throughout their swift courtship, but nothing that Roberta can’t handle as she manages to persuade him with her words and curves.

Fearlessly, she steps up to him to reveal someone who’s as lost as he is, as she is unable to forgive herself for her past actions.

Shanley’s 90-minute script is full of rich, no-nonsense Bronx brassiness that’ll make you chuckle and, at times, wince, while Courtney Larkin’s direction along with Kate Lines’ choreography are clear and focused.

Gareth O’Connor, as Danny, and Megan Lloyd-Jones, as Roberta, deliver the goods and succeed at creating the essential chemistry needed to make their unlikely liaison an authentic one.

Tickets: £16.50, £12.50 concessions, £10 matinees. To book, visit the website.

Times: Tuesday to Saturday (June 6 to 24, 2017) at 7.30pm, Saturday and Sunday matinees at 3pm.