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Each of Us - London Tour

Each of Us

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

FOLLOWING its success at Edinburgh Fringe 2013, Each of Us, a solo comedy about love, friendship and human connection in uncertain times, comes to London for a limited run.

Writer and performer Ben Moor collaborates once again with Deputy Artistic Director of the RSC, Erica Whyman, director of his previous shows Not Everything Is Significant (2008) Coelacanth (2005, Herald Angel winner) and Black Cocktail (2004).

A businessman falls for the quietest woman in the world. An encounter at a party makes him question his character. A group of collectors show him how and why his story will end.

Funny and romantic, cryptic and surreal, poetic and uplifting, Each of Us asks how, in a mixed up world, can you stop yourself creating a social catastrophe of your own life?

Speaking about Each of Us, Ben Moor said: “We are all always absorbing stuff – each other’s stories, our own, fictions and facts, details and themes – and everything then becomes part of each of us. We adapt to our individual narrative environments, working out what’s relevant when; which weird thing is worth relating onwards; learning that this is a world of connections mainly because we always seek connections.

“This show told itself to me constantly. Some things just arrived in the real world: an error on a football match on TV, a girl on the tube playing with a metal ring, meeting artist Kerry Brewer last summer. It’s taken five years for me to create what has become Each of Us. I’ve done readings of sections, sent extracts to my mailing list, taken on feedback. It and I have made some intriguing connections.”

Erica Whyman is the Deputy Artistic Director of the RSC and former Chief Executive of Northern Stage, where her directing credits included Oh, The Humanity (2012), The Glass Slipper (2011), Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (2011) and Oh! What A Lovely War (2010, nominated for two TMA awards).

Each of Us is presented by Show and Tell, an award-winning production company working on long-term collaborations with a host of comedians and theatre-makers, including Tony Law, Kieran Hurley, Simon Munnery and Tortoise in a Nutshell. Notable credits include BEATS (2013), La Concepta (2012) and John Peel’s Shed (2011).

The production has music by Simon Oakes and lighting by Malcolm Rippeth.

Each of Us is suitable for ages 14+.

Tour Schedule: Tristan Bates Theatre (March 3), Pleasance Theatre (March 5), Southwark Playhouse (March 9), Canal Café Theatre (March 13) and Arcola Theatre (March 16, 2014).

Running Time: 60 minutes.