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Entertainment...My Arts! - Arts Theatre (Review)

Entertainment....My Arts!

Review by Rebecca Omonira-<br>Oyekanmi

ENTERTAINMENT…My Arts, at the Arts Theatre, delightfully spoofs all the cheese ever churned out of Broadway, West End musicals and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The show, performed by the Hertfordshire-based Blag Theatre Company, is a series of sketches from the too often revered but ridiculous parts of theatre, TV and film.

From singing orphans to strained solos, nothing is spared from the scathing wit of Blag Theatre Company, who cannot resist poking fun at other staples of our cultural diet, including a fantastically-portrayed Shirley Bassey and literal carbon foot prints.

But it’s all in jest. You get the sense that Blag sees these characters affectionately, however much fun they poke at them. And what is impressive is the range of characters that Blag caricature, as no one escapes chiding, not even Big Brother contestants or pseudo-Cockney chimney sweeps.

The characterisations are deceptively simple; the Blag company’s actors give studied performances.

In one sketch, each takes on one of the limited range of musical voices, the basic ingredient to many a musical, from the booming baritone to the feminine tremble, and the singing is utterly convincing.

In another sketch Blag revisit popular runaway Dorothy in Oz with hilarious consequences. Naturally.

And in another Blag takes the audience back to the eighties featuring Madonna and those bras…

It would spoil the fun to give too much away but the closing song had everyone in giggles. Entitled Everyone Goes To The Toilet, the rousing Bob Geldof style sing-along even got the notoriously reserved British theatre audience clapping merrily along. Or maybe that was down to two half-hour intervals spent in the Art Theatre’s comely bar!!!

At a time when it’s snowing in March, or hailing when it’s not snowing, and reckless bankers are losing everyone’s money and the Iraq war hits five, Entertainment…My Arts will put a smile on your face, if only for an evening.

Entertainment… My Arts by Blag Theatre Company
The Arts Theatre, 6-7 Great Newport Street, WC2H 7JB. Tel: 0870 060 1742.
Nearest Tube: Leicester Square.
The Viewing Room

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