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Eva Recacha returns to the Lilian Baylis Studio with the world premiere of Aftermath

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

EVA Recacha is returning to the Lilian Baylis Studio on October 25 and October 26, 2018 for the world premiere of her new full-length work Aftermath.

A duet set in limbo where two women suffer from eternal boredom and lack of acknowledgement, it is both absurd and humorous, and an ode to pointlessness.

Inspired by Recacha’s own experience of motherhood and the social isolation that can accompany it, Aftermath questions what it means to live in a ‘post-everything’ world – post-feminist, post-truth and now post-time.

The show imagines a world where the characters are dead, where change is no longer an option and no future awaits. Is motivation possible in such a world?

With the audience seated within the performers’ arena, a part of their journey and yet not directly involved, Aftermath comments on our reluctance to act in of the face of certain situations and on the normality of this passivity. The performers keep going with the mundane and the unvalued movements of life, and the audience keeps watching – making the mundane become something extraordinary and exquisite.

A collaboration with sound artist Alberto Ruiz Soler, Aftermath brings together a creative team of performers and designers that have previously worked with Recacha on productions such as Easy Rider (2013). Performed by Charlotte Mclean and Eleanor Sikorski and with lighting design by Jackie Shemesh, the show works with ideas of contrast and interruption, revisiting Recacha’s trademark relationship between text and movement.

With motherhood as a point of departure, Aftermath explores the sense that ‘something is over’ and questions what comes next. During the making of the show, Recacha carried out an outreach programme for mothers and their small children, immersing herself again in that period of early childcare and its impact on the mother’s sense of identity and agency.

On the show’s creation, Eva Recacha said: “The atmosphere very rapidly shifts from joyful, to hectic, to quiet, to anxious, to happy and sometimes all those are present in the room at once, with some children fully enjoying the dancing, others needing a quiet moment, others an urgent nappy change. It is fun and unpredictable, a little nerve-racking, and it usually ends up in happy exhaustion, and then the rest of a long day is all still ahead…”

A London-based choreographer originally from Spain, Eva Recacha is a Sadler’s Wells Summer University artist and has twice been a Place Prize finalist. She presented a Wild Card evening at the Lilian Baylis Studio in 2014 entitled Dear Devil, with work by dance artists Colin, Simon and I, the collective Dog Kennel Hill Project and her own 2013 Place Prize piece The Wishing Well.

NB: Aftermath contains strong language.

Post-show talk: Thursday, October 25.