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Harold and Maude - production images released

Bill Milner and Sheila Hancock. Photo by Darren Bell.

PRODUCTION images have been released of Sheila Hancock and Bill Milner in the London premiere of Colin Higgins’ black comedy romantic drama Harold and Maude. To view them, click here.

Previously Posted: The first photos – taken by Darren Bell – have been released of Sheila Hancock and Bill Milner in the UK premiere of Harold and Maude, which runs at Charing Cross Theatre from Monday, February 19 to Saturday, March 31, 2018.

Sheila Hancock says that when she was asked to read the script for the UK premiere of a stage version of the 1971 Hollywod movie Harold and Maude at Charing Cross Theatre, she hesitated.

“I’d loved the film all those years ago but I thought: ‘Oh blimey, old lady having affair with young man. Don’t think so!’ But the more I read, the more I liked what it was saying about the relationship between young and old, something I feel very strongly about.”

She tells today’s Daily Telegraph: “The theme is that love has no rules. I’m sure everyone will make a fuss about the tiny bit of sex in the story. I understand that: Harold is 18, Maude is 80. And yes, their relationship is consummated. But there’s a marvellous speech about building bridges rather than walls and that seems so pertinent with Trump in the White House.”

Harold and Maude is an idiosyncratic romantic fable told though the eyes of the most unlikely pairing: a compulsive, self-destructive young man and a devil-may-care, septuagenarian bohemian.

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