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Gate Theatre announces two UK premieres from leading Danish artists

Previews by Lizzie Guilfoyle

AS PART of the Gate’s 40th Anniversary season, Artistic Director Ellen McDougall is continuing the venue’s renowned reputation for championing European Theatre with a mini-showcase of Danish Theatre.

Two major shows will be making their UK premieres at the West London venue this Autumn – multi award-winning Fix&Foxy’s Land Without Dreams and, at Christmas, acclaimed performance artist Anika Barkan’s We Open Our Mouth – and Listen.

In recent years, Denmark has become recognised for producing cutting edge drama on both film and television with the success of Scandi-Noir dramas such as Borgen and The Killing, as well as acclaimed storytelling in genre literature.

In this showcase of work, the Gate offers a unique glimpse into Scandinavian contemporary theatre and performance, which is at once provocative, challenging, mischievous and funny but overall, intellectually thrilling.

Artistic Director Ellen McDougall said: “One of the most thrilling aspects of running the Gate is being able to bring cutting edge international theatre-makers to make work for our intimate space, and to introduce them to a London audience. I am absolutely thrilled to be presenting the work of Tue Biering and Lise Lauenblad of Danish theatre company Fix&Foxy. Fix&Foxy’s work spans popular culture (past productions include adaptations of Friends and Pretty Woman) with a playful and rigorous examination of social and political questions.

Land without Dreams is a joyful investigation of how we think about the future. Following that, I’m delighted to be able to invite Anika Barkan, another Danish artist with their show, We Open Our Mouth – And Listen as a Gate Guest this December. This gig-theatre show about solidarity and togetherness is a heart-warming piece that will provide an edgy alternative to the traditional Christmas show.”

Land Without Dreams runs from Thursday, November 14 to Saturday, December 7, 2019.

This is a play about the future (and climate change. Not insomnia).

A woman walks on to the stage. She says she is from the future. She says that we have stopped dreaming. She says we can change everything. She says that she can help end all our dystopian nightmares.

But we know plays don’t change the world. Right?

Directed by Lise Lauenblad in London, with originating director and writer Tue Biering, and performed by Temi Wilkey (The High Table and co-founder of PECS – The Drag King Collective), Land Without Dreams is a hopeful, funny and courageous new show which challenges us to think about ourselves, our possibilities– and especially our future.

We Open Our Mouth – And Listen (An intimate performance concert) runs from Tuesday, December 17 to Saturday, December 21, 2019.

Anika Barkan’s We Open Our Mouth – and Listen is a meditation on the complexities of human relationships, how we live together and what solidarity means in the modern age.

In an attempt to regain the spirit of childhood and unshakable belief that we can change the world together, Anika Kristensen Barkan decides to write her own utopian manifesto.

In a raw, playful and heart-warming performance which is part-gig, part-theatre performance, the show examines with gentle humour and optimism what it takes to reawaken our connection to the world. With live music from Mika Forsling, the performance raises questions about apathy, individualism, community and whether we still have something to fight for – together.

For more information or to book tickets, call the box office on 020 7229 0706 or visit