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Giant Olive Theatre has given up its residency at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre

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GIANT Olive Theatre has given up its residency at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre after almost eight years at the North London venue.

The company produced over twenty critically-acclaimed theatre and dance productions during this time, along with a number of festivals including the GOlive Dance and Performance platform curated by veteran dance journalist Donald Hutera of The Times.

George Sallis, Artistic Director of Giant Olive, will also be stepping down in his capacity as chairman of the Lion and Unicorn Theatre’s board. As he explains:

“With the exception of GOlive, the theatre company hasn’t been producing theatre at the venue for the last few years. We had intended to leave earlier. I needed to stay on, however, and ensure that the management of the theatre was given to the right person for the job.

“Now, having worked very closely with Young’s over the last six months, I believe we have finally achieved this.

“Young’s are a large company with an extensive property portfolio of fantastic pubs, a number of which house other great little theatres. They have the resources necessary to ensure the venues continue to survive and receive the necessary investment that these beautiful old character properties require. I would like to thank Young’s for its support over the last few months and wish them and the new theatre management team all the best for the future.”

A Youngs spokesman said: “We would like to place on record our thanks to George for all that he has done at the Lion and Unicorn and we wish him all the very best for his future endeavours.”

As for its own future plans Giant Olive will be touring GOlive throughout 2016 to London, Oxford, Swindon, Winchester and beyond, thereby taking this combined showcase for dance-based performance and arts laboratory to another level.

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