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Going Ape! - Union Theatre

Going Ape

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

DANCE Attic Studios is transferring its in-house produced show Going Ape! to the Union Theatre, where it will run from April 7 to April 18, 2020.

Written by Andrew Corbet Burcher and directed by Evan Ensign, Going Ape! challenges both religion and science by bringing together various “first” humans.

In the beginning, according to the Bible, God created man in the form of Adam and Eve. In the beginning, according to the scientists, however, man evolved from apes in the form of Australopithicenes.

As the curtain goes up, audiences find Adam and Eve in their simple woodland home after their expulsion from the Garden of Eden. They are both waiting for the arrival of their eldest son Cain, dropping in for a short visit to break the monotony of his endlessly wandering life: a life sentence imposed on him by God for killing his brother Abel.

But Cain brings with him his new girlfriend. She is none other than Australopithicus Afarensis, the earliest example of a human walking semi-upright discovered some years ago at Hadar, in the Afar region of Ethiopia Africa. The anthropologists who found her decided to call her Lucy.

As Lucy gets to know Adam and Eve it becomes clear that they have their own original personalities and are in desperate need of something creative to do. Thus the first ever signs of primitive talent emerge, starting with the process of natural selection by auditions and ending with the world’s first attempt to stage a show on earth!

Playwright Andrew Corbet Burcher is the director of Dance Attic Studios, and also wrote last year’s piece Isolated Incident. Dance Attic provides rehearsal space for the entertainment industry as well as dance classes for the budding amateur.

Director Evan Ensign is an American director/associate director/resident director who has been living in the UK for eight years. He has substantial Broadway, West End and touring theatre experience in the UK and US, with recent credits including Rent (Worklight Productions, US Tour), Wrong Songs for Christmas (National Theatre), Avenue Q (Misi Produciones, Bogota) and resident director of The Phantom of the Opera (West End) in 2016-17.

Tickets: £20, £15 concessions. To book, call the box office on 020 7261 9876 or visit

Times: Tuesday to Saturday at 7.30pm; Saturday and Sunday matinees at 2.30pm. No evening performance on Saturday, April 11 and no matinee performance on Sunday, April 12.

Running Time: 80 minutes (not including interval).