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Impostors - Union Theatre review


Review by Marcela Olivares

FAMILY… we all have one and at times we all wished we did not have to deal with them.

The plot of Impostors at The Union Theatre is pretty straightforward. A normal dysfunctional American family from New Jersey is shaken up by a child’s injury caused by a car accident.

But the accident is a catalyst for the series of events that follow, which will either bring the family closer together or make it fall apart.

The family is comprised of Vincent (Aidan Synnott), Andrew (Edd Hunter), Peggy (Joyce Springer) and Frank (Thomas Grube). Frank and Peggy have been together since High School and had Vincent early in their relationship, with Andrew being born later.

But Peggy and Frank have a love-hate relationship, or so it seems… they love each other but do a really good job of antagonizing each other.

Andrew, meanwhile, is the brainy kid who does well in school, is attending university and is very responsible. He has a dislike for driving but views it as necessary.

Vincent, on the other hand, is very much spoilt, does not have a job and pretty much does as he pleases. While Andrew drives Vincent to his weekly probation meeting, they get in a car accident and Vincent is injured.

As a result, Vincent has a neurological ailment which prevents him from recognizing his parents. He recognizes the fact that they look like his parents but he views them as people only posing as his parents, and it is not really them in his eyes. Ironically, he has no problems recognizing his brother or other people.

To help Vincent’s condition, Frank brings in a world-renowned neurologist and old friend, Paul (Denis Quilligan), whose presence only makes the situation spiral downwards.

Everyone’s performance in Impostors is fantastic. I was captured by the play so much that time went by so quickly. I laughed and felt sad as well…

Joyce did a great job as the over-protective mother who lives in her own world and is very religious. Her character was so full of emotions it was overwhelming, yet she managed to portray them all just when needed…

Edd Hunter and Denis Quilligan’s characters both had interactions with the audience telling us about Vincent’s disorder. This is a really good way to get the audience involved in the play as we unwillingly become a part of it.

In the end, family values and love prevail in this play. In today’s world, it is so easy to lose track of what really is important and Impostors has the capacity of doing just that; remind us of what matters!

It really is a must see!

Impostors by Justin Warner at the Union Theatre
Produced by Sasha Regan.
Directed by Aoife Smyth.
Starring: Thomas Grube; Edd Hunter; Denis Quilligan; Joyce Springer; Aidan Synnott; Graham Elwell.