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Letters - The Poetry Cafe


Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

PLAYWRIGHT Kashyap Raja returns to London with Letters. A new play that creates a world without instant messaging to tell a story of love across distances, it runs at The Poetry Cafe from October 16 to October 19, 2019.

Josh and Mary are friends. Josh lives in London and Mary, in Argentina. They meet for a brief period in London and promise to write letters to each other and to never use Facebook, Instagram or Emails. Whilst they are apart, Josh gets fired from his job and travels to India and Mary falls in love with an Irish man. Their bond grows stronger as they share the most intrinsic details of their lives through letters.

An unexpected event in Mary’s life challenges the virtue of their friendship and makes them question what they really mean for each other.

The play is an attempt to bring back the nostalgic era of writing letters in a world that is addicted to instant gratification. It also reminds us that some connections are so pure that they have the power to transcend time and distance.

Kashyap Raja is an Indian playwright. He has done his masters in writing from City, University of London and has been writing, directing and producing plays in London for the past five years, including at the Edinburgh and Camden Fringe festivals. His last play, Version 2.0 was performed in the Leicester Square Theatre.

Letters is also directed by Kashyap Raja and performed by Alina Ilin and Tom Everatt. Set and lighting design is by Monika Gravagno.

Tickets: £10, £7 concessions. To book, visit

Time: 7.30pm (no show on Thursday, October 17).

Running Time: 90 minutes.