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Luke Jermay: Sixth Sense - Leicester Square Theatre

Luke Jermay

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

ENGLISH born intuition artist, Luke Jermay, is bringing Sixth Sense to the West End for the first time after years headlining his own one-man show in Las Vegas.

The show, entitled Luke Jermay: Sixth Sense, will premiere in the Main House at Leicester Square Theatre, where it will run for five nights only – Monday July 8 to Saturday, July 13, 2013 (no show on Thursday, July 11).

Luke Jermay can read minds. He doesn’t use mind games or psychological tricks, he is not a magician; there are no smoke and mirrors. He can simply read minds. In fact, his awe inspiring intuitive abilities have gained him high profile fans such as Derren Brown, Dynamo and Uri Geller, who all agree Jermay’s abilities are unequalled.

According to press material, you’ll be amazed at Jermay’s incredible powers – he knows your past, present and future; sometimes better than you do. From your favourite schoolteacher, childhood pet, even the colour of your underwear, Jermay impossibly knows all, sees all and tells (almost) all in an expert display of telepathy developed to amazing razor sharp accuracy.

His astonishing live performances caused the US media to hail him as ‘The Real Mentalist’ as he does the things that fictional mind reader Patrick Jane only pretends to do on the CBS drama The Mentalist.

Written and performed by Luke Jermay, Sixth Sense is directed by Michael Weber and produced by Martin Witts for London International Arts Theatre Ltd (LIAT) in association with Guido Fabris and Caroline Khouri for Chokolate Ltd.

Tickets: Monday to Wednesday all seats £16; Friday and Saturday all seats £18 – available from the box office on 08448 733433 or online at

Times: 7.30pm, except Friday, July 12 at 10pm.