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Park Theatre (Park90) - July to December 2019

The Actor's Nightmare from Nick Pearce (Target Live 2017)

Season preview

PARK90 has six productions lined up in its July to December 2019 season.

The Actor’s Nightmare, written by Christopher Durang and directed by Lydia Parker – July 16 to August 10. Suitable for ages 12+.

Tell me, do you find me funny or do you find me disturbing?

Tony Award-winning playwright Christopher Durang explores the entertainment industry through biting satire and surreal comedy. At once a celebration of show business and a touching reflection on what it means to be an artist, audiences are offered snapshots of the eccentric and absurd.

From Tennessee Williams to Euripides, tossing in a bit of Beckett, no renowned playwright is safe. Classic plays are warped and distorted – the outcome is both shocking and hilarious.

With a female-led creative team and an ensemble cast featuring: Meaghan Martin (Camp Rock), Kate Sumpter (The Little Drummer Girl), and Stefan Menaul (Dirty Dancing, West End), audiences journey through the ludicrous and lonely world of New York theatre, culminating in Durang’s iconic finale: The Actor’s Nightmare.

Especially curated by 3 hearts canvas into a cohesive, stand-alone piece, the production includes the UK Premiere of some of Durang’s finest works: Mrs Sorken; Desire, Desire, Desire; Business Lunch at the Russian Tea Room; Woman Stand-Up; Medea and The Actor’s Nightmare.

Warheads, written by Taz Skylar and Ross Berkeley Simpson, with spoken word by Suli Breaks – August 15 to September 7. Suitable for ages 13+.

What happens to youth when it’s sent to war?

Upon return from his first tour of Afghanistan, 19 year old Miles isn’t quite himself. Noises don’t sound the same. People don’t look the same. Pizza doesn’t taste the same.

The harder he tries to act normal, the harder it gets to be normal. And all his loved ones’ attempts to help him just keep making things worse.

The play oscillates between multiple time lines. Audiences get to see glimpses of the child that was Miles Weppler before he signed up for the army; the man he’s become post war; and an intimate view into what motivates a young man towards the military, and why he wants to stay in the military at any cost.

Through the eyes of his therapist he’s just a lost boy. Through the eyes of his girlfriend he’s a stubborn and sometimes scary man. Through the eyes of his best friend, he’s paranoid. And through the not-so-best friend’s eyes, Weppler’s just a dick.

Warheads is a punchy urban drama based on a true story.

Black Chiffon from Nick Pearce (Target Live 2017)

Black Chiffon, written by Lesley Storm and directed by Clive Brill – September 18 to October 12. Suitable for ages 14+.

Do you know Doctor… I’ve brought this awful trouble on my family… I’m deeply ashamed… But I still can’t think of that moment without an appalling desire to laugh…

Mrs Alicia Christie maintains a beautiful home, with a clever husband and devoted children. This surely makes her an upstanding society woman…

What would you do to protect your family? Would you lie? Would you pretend to be a completely different person to the one everyone knows? Would you forsake all your beliefs? Would you go to jail?

One woman. One crime. One decision.

Fast, written by Kate Barton and directed by Kate Valentine – October 15 to November 9. Suitable for ages 14+.

How far would you go to find the perfect cure?

In Wilderness Heights, an isolated region of the Pacific Northwest, ‘Dr’ Linda Hazzard opens her clinic to the public.

The public do not always survive…

In a chilling parallel to our modern world of influencers peddling protein shakes and diet pills, Fast is the true story of ‘Dr’ Linda Hazzard who advocated a fasting cure that gripped the press and divided a nation. Complex, beguiling and utterly driven, was Hazzard vilified as a woman in a man’s world or were there darker forces at play?

The cast includes Caroline Lawrie.

Award-winning producer Digital Drama bring Fast, which was shortlisted for Best New Play Award 2018 by New Writing South, to Park Theatre after sell-out shows at the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe.

Stray Dogs, written by Olivia Olsen and directed by Robin Herford – November 13 to December 7. Suitable for ages 12+.

Russia. 1940. A land gripped by fear; where language is a weapon – where poetry is power.

Anna Akhmatova, the most celebrated poet of her generation, has lost her first husband to the purges and her son to state prison, where he awaits execution. Now, Stalin, the tyrant responsible for the murder of everyone close to her, wants a favour…

Plunged so far into obscurity she is believed to be dead, Anna is offered a renewal of life when the Russian/British philosopher Isaiah Berlin risks the hazards behind the iron curtain to find her. But in a world where poetry is a force that can control and move masses for good or ill, which side of the curtain will her loyalty lead her? How far will she go to save a life? How far will she go to save herself?

Based on true events, Stray Dogs depicts the story of one of the most extraordinary women of the 20th century, as she must choose between her duty to her son, her country, her art and herself. This urgent and relevant play explores the nature of tyranny and how it affects both the political landscape of the past and the present.

The cast includes Olivia Olsen.

Martha, Josie & The Chinese Elvis from Nick Pearce (Target Live 2017)

Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis, written by Charlotte Jones and directed by Robert Wolstenholme – December 11, 2019 to January 4, 2020. Suitable for ages 16+.

Josie’s tired. Tired of the Bolton winter. Tired of looking after daydreaming daughter Brenda. Tired of working as a dominatrix to make ends meet. Too tired to celebrate turning forty.

But her favourite client Lionel insists on a birthday party and, knowing Josie’s a huge Elvis fan, invites a very special guest. Just as hips start swinging, somebody no-one expected arrives and skeletons come tumbling out of the closet…

Writer of Humble Boy (National Theatre) Charlotte Jones’ hilarious and heartfelt comedy about finding a place to fit in won the 1998 Pearson Best Play Award and, on its twenty-first anniversary, receives its first ever London production, from comedy specialists Signal Theatre Company.

Hilarious and heartfelt, and with a rocking Elvis soundtrack, Charlotte Jones’ quirky, kinky comedy celebrates life’s outsiders; sweet yet saucy, it’s the perfect ‘adults only’ alternative Christmas treat.

See also July to December 2019 in Park200.

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