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Poe Zest - Bloomsbury Theatre

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

POE ZEST, a stage version of the Poezest audio book written by Mike Bennett runs at the Bloomsbury Theatre from March 16 to March 17, 2018.

Poe Zest contains the work of Edgar Allan Poe and has been reimagined by Mike Bennett who has written for Rik Mayall, Frankie Howard, Phil Cool, The Muppets, and many more.

With music by Guy Cavill, this exciting Poe-inspired tale, tracks the story of Robert Jones, whose nose brings him both success and despair!

During his journey we meet characters such as The Raven, whose refrain reverberates throughout the narrative. Meanwhile his Tell-tale Heart accentuates his ever-enveloping fear of premature burial or even hanging from the gallows courtesy of The Black Cat!

Written in verse and prose, this body of work captures the spirit of Poe whilst retaining an originality that is as comedic as it is macabre, replete with murder, mystery and Machiavellian intrigue.

The atmospheric score and Steve Bowden’s art and cinematic imagery capture the mood of the creepy tale that has numerous twists and turns.

Poe Zest is written by Mike Bennett, with music by Guy Cavill, and art and film by Steve Bowden and Roy Medhurst.

The Doctor from Dr & The Medics plays every single character, with the Rev. Dr Clive Jackson as the Narrator.

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