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Storylines - help create a theatre piece at The Albany


Theatre preview

AS PART of the Hatched Season, Ampersand Media is presenting Storylines at The Albany. Directed by Mark Stevenson, it runs from June 14 to June 21, 2013.

Storylines is a different way of creating a theatre piece. Inspired by news stories running on the first day of rehearsals, members of the public will form and shape the devising process using social media.

They can tweet ideas, character suggestions, plot points, and images. All these will go directly to the rehearsal room. They will truly be making theatre from their armchairs.

By following @ampersandmedia on twitter the audience will be able to know what is happening in the rehearsal room, help make decisions, and add in their own ideas that the actors, director and video artist can try out.

The performance on June 21 will be a finished piece of theatre. Those who have interacted with the rehearsal process will recognise the elements they suggested, but those who haven’t been able to join in will be able to enjoy it as a show in it’s own right.

The rehearsal room is also completely open for audience members so they can make their suggestions in person.

Storylines is part of Ampersand’s ongoing strand of work that creates accessible and interactive theatre using contemporary news stories.

Ampersand’s previous work includes Headlines, a new show devised every day from the morning’s news stories – the audience then meet the characters one-on-one in specially made tents (presented at The Albany and the BAC One-on-One Festival); A Different Place, a national tour about a refugee dealing with life in Manchester; and Mini Theatre, a tour of short pieces presented in convertible Minis in surprise public locations.

Tickets: Pay-what-you-can – available from the box office on 020 8692 4446 or online at—Storylines.

On-line interactive rehearsals: June 14 to June 21.

Performance: June 21 at 7pm.