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Tara Theatre - Autumn 2013

Season preview

TARA Theatre has announced its programme for Autumn 2013 and it includes:

Don Juan by Pushkin – from September 11 to September 14.

Don Juan: a legendary dark tale of human passion in Medieval Spain. The world‟s most famous seducer: a sinner, womaniser, killer, lover, libertine. But what lies beneath? What drives Don Juan to sin? And can he find redemption?

Russian Theatre Company Revelbeam present a musical theatre retelling of Pushkin‟s The Stone Guest featuring an original score influenced by Russian and International classical music.

Stranger – September 16 and 17.

What is the strange unfamiliar land of the other? Are we forever separate or do we belong together? Stranger is a visual performance that explores stereotypes of masculinity and femininity in modern Vietnam, using sound, image, language and music to trace the journey of a young woman and man who question the gender roles they are subject to.

Originally co-directed and presented at Black Box, Hanoi by Phan Yly and Rob Hale, with design by Paul Burgess, this second evolution of Stranger has been developed with a visual language at its core and with the involvement of Welsh physical performer Eddie Ladd.

The UK premiere of Wajahat Ali’s The Domestic Crusaders, a domestic comedy that provides an incisive commentary on the nature of the American Dream post-9/11 – from September 25 to October 11.

The 21st birthday celebration of Ghafur, the youngest son of Khulsoom and Salman, is the catalyst for three generations to convene at the family home – a day in the life of a modern Pakistani-American family.

Post 9/11 and the scape-goating of Muslim Americans form the backdrop to the tensions which rise and spark among the six eclectic characters, culminating in an almighty family battle.

Presented by Tara Arts and supported by The United States Embassy, London, The Domestic Crusaders is directed by Jatinder Verma, designed by Claudia Mayer and has lighting by Howard Hudson.

The Triangle Factory Fire Project, presented by St Mary‟s University of Minnesota – from October 22 to October 26.

March 1911. The Triangle Waist Factory, Manhattan. Immigrant workers toil for 14 hours a day. A cigarette is tossed into a bin of fabric scraps. Flames sweep through the factory. In 28 minutes the fire is under control, but 146 people have died. Using eyewitness accounts, court transcripts and other archival material, The Triangle Factory Fire Project paints a brutal picture of a disastrous day in American history.

Gary Diomandes directs.

Bag Lady by Marcia Layne – from November 12 to November 16.

Memory is precious. Yours, mine, the phone … Just need to know when to press delete.

Meet Eve, covered in a huge overcoat, epitomising the homeless “bag lady‟. The items in the trolley are symbolic, representing her somewhat troubled life story – some inspiring wrath, some pain and some instilling moments of pride. As she peels back the layers, through her rants and reflections we realise that not only is it okay to be angry, but sometimes it is essential for our survival.

Marcia Layne’s brand new monologue boldly explores important issues of mental health and social exclusion, both challenging and celebrating the notion of the “angry‟ and “strong black woman‟.

I Declare At My On Risk, presented by Alina Serban – November 20.

In I Declare at My Own Risk, Alina Şerban attempts an unusual and brave thing. Consciously accepting her Roma heritage, she talks with brutal honesty about her most personal experiences and life wisdom, about her grievances, about being humiliated, excluded, not knowing where she belongs – all the while avoiding sentimentality.

She shares diary entries and photos with us strangers, while calling up various episodes of her life from the time she was ten years old, when her family was evicted from their home and were forced to move to relatives in a “gypsy ghetto” in Bucharest.

The Petal Garden of King Shubash by Peter Chand and Shonaleigh – November 21.

What value on a young woman’s life? A tyrannical king marries a girl. Not because of love, or desire, or companionship. He marries her because he fears her wisdom. Now Hanna Leah the wise has to solve three impossible tasks. Her very life depends on it…

A sensual, thoughtful and moving story, created by Peter Chand and Shonaleigh, two of Britain‟s most accomplished storytellers.

Suitable for ages 12+.

Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, presented by Brother Wolf Productions – November 22.

During his final lecture on the duality of humankind, the respectable Dr Jekyll reveals his strange association with the mysterious Edward Hyde and the shocking truth about his identity: that Hyde, unlike human beings, is not only fundamentally evil, but also the very definition of it.

Combining edge-of-your-seat thrills with stunning physical theatre, Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic “bogey tale” is brought chillingly to life in this ground-breaking one-man show.

A Christmas Carol: As Told By Jacob Marley, Deceased, presented by Brother Wolf Productions – November 23.

James Hyland reprises one of the greatest one-man shows of all time in his award-winning production. Told from the perspective of Scrooge’s deceased business partner, this critically acclaimed theatrical adaptation of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol delivers thrills, chills and excitement aplenty for all age groups.

Jacob Marley is dead and condemned to an eternity of carrying a heavy chain, forged in life; a life to which he can no longer return except to recount the tale of his miserly business partner, Ebenezer Scrooge, and the path that lead to his redemption. Through Marley’s words, audiences learn how three magical spirits opened Scrooge’s eyes and made him realise the true value of love and forgiveness.

Cymbeline, presented by Phizzical in association with Belgrade Theatre Coventry – November 26 to November 30.

The kingdom is in turmoil and the fate of a country is at stake. What happens when the lives of a foolish king, a beautiful princess, her banished husband and a charming rogue collide?

Power, love and treachery are to the fore when the rebellious Princess Innogen risks her reputation and family honour by marrying without her father’s permission. When her husband falls prey to the manipulations of a rakish and smooth-talking womaniser, her loyalty is tarnished. Innogen is forced to swap her sari for breeches and flee from court.

Based on the play by William Shakespeare, the improbable becomes probable in this epic, adventurous romance filled with heroic strangers, sinister villains and long-lost brothers. Will the Kingdom have its happily ever after?

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