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Thatcherwrite - plays announced

BATTERSEA’S Theatre503 has announced the full line-up of short plays contributing to Thatcherwrite, a weeklong event responding to the life and death of Margaret Thatcher. They are:

Apples by Brian Walters – A free market parable at the fruit market stall.

True Blue by Dominic Cavendish – Stranded on a desert island, Margaret can but dream…

I Am Sad You Are Dead Mrs T by Kay Adshead – A series of eulogies from across the nation.

A Beautiful Friendship by Brad Birch – A comic look at that very special relationship… Now then, Now then?

Our House by Judy Upton and Matt Merritt – We all got to own our own homes back then…. or did we?

Suit And Tie by Ben Worth – We built this city… a trip into the wild west of banking.

My Dinner With Clarence by Fraser Grace – Education and the possibilities of escape in the late 1970’s.

1833 by Jimmy Osbourne – The British are coming! Prepare for war… a story on a small island.

Queen Of Soho by Jon Brittain – Margaret takes a wrong turn and finds herself in a place of her wildest dreams… Or does she?

Thatchers by Dan Rebellato – A mass declamation of the woman’s words.

Thatcherwrite runs at Theatre503 from June 11 to June 15, 2013.

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