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The Curing Room - Pleasance Theatre

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

THE CURING Room, a hard-hitting true WWII tale, receives its world premiere at Edinburgh Festival Fringe (July 30 to August 25), following preview performances at the Pleasance Theatre, Islington (July 18 to July 20, 2014).

It’s Spring 1944 and seven Soviet soldiers have been captured by the Nazis, stripped naked and abandoned in the locked empty cellar of a monastery in southern Poland. Deprived of all ties to their world, the prisoners redefine their concepts of order and human nature. In order to survive the men resort to murder and cannibalism. How do they reconcile rank, faith and dignity?

Described as powerful, thought-provoking and darkly funny, The Curing Room by David Ian Lee and directed by Joao de Sousa, is a taut, gritty, grisly and intense thriller based on true events.

Though what befell seven hapless men “in the last year of the war” will forever remain conjecture – as will, no doubt, the identities of the men themselves – The Curing Room was inspired by an anecdote recalled by George Steiner in The Death of Tragedy.

The dynamic structure and narrative of The Curing Room occurs in real time and is designed to push both its characters and audiences to the greatest of extremes.

The Curing Room, by David Ian Lee, was written and developed in New York with a series of workshops and public readings but this world première marks its inaugural production with the following cast: Will Bowden, Rupert Elmes, Tom Holloway, Matt Houston, John Hoye, Harvey Robinson and Marlon Solomon.

The production is designed by Phil Lindley, with sound design by Angus McRae, lighting design by David Howe and fight direction from Bret Yount.

NB: The Curing Room contains full frontal male nudity and themes which may be distressing to certain audience members – for over 16s only.

Tickets: All tickets for London £5 – available online at

Time: 7:30pm.

Running Time: 90 minutes.