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The Demetrius Project

The Demetrius Project

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The Demetrius Project, part of the faction theatre company’s The Complete: Schiller, will be launched as a supplementary event surrounding The Robbers at the New Diorama theatre at 4pm on November 21, 2010.

Unfinished at the time of his death, only the first act of Schiller’s Demetrius exists.

This unique project to bridge the gap between classical texts and new writing, invites a series of playwrights to take part in an extraordinary ‘chain play.’

At the project’s launch, The Faction’s translators Daniel Millar and Mark Leipacher are joined by special guest speakers to talk about Schiller’s dramatic style and the construction of his plays. Following this, writers at all stages in their careers are encouraged to apply to be part of the faction theatre company’s writing team who will work together to finish Schiller’s un-finished play.

Using the literal translation of the first act and the rough outlines which Schiller produced for the rest of the drama, each playwright will be assigned a single scene of the drama to write.

Starting at the beginning of the play, each writer will produce a new version of their scene before passing the material on to the next writer – over twenty writers will create new versions of Schiller’s proposed scenes to create one cohesive script ready for performance.

This event will span the duration of the faction theatre company’s The Complete: Schiller, a monumental undertaking to translate, adapt, and stage the complete dramatic works of Friedrich Schiller for a modern, English-speaking audience.

The project will culminate with the completed text performed in a rehearsed reading by the William Tell company in 2013.

The faction theatre company are looking for a company of writers who join them in their focus on storytelling and the muscularity of language. After the launch on November 21, writers are encouraged to submit a short piece of their work for consideration with a covering letter stating why they wish to be considered for the project to: Demetrius Project, the faction theatre co., 73 Eastcombe Avenue, London, SE7 7LL or by email to

The writing team will be announced and the next stage of the project launched at an event during the next production in The Complete: Schiller, a new version of Schiller’s The Conspiracy of Fiesco in 2011.