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The Faction's 2012 Rep Season at the New Diorama

Twelfth Night

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

THE faction theatre company’s 2012 Rep Season at the New Diorama Theatre comprises Twelfth Night, Mary Stuart and Miss Julie – three plays in seven weeks with 10 actors and one ensemble.

The three plays share the thread of women and authority or women in a ‘Man’s World’ and although each exists in its own right, a gender political thread gives narrative to the Rep Season as a whole and a unique way of viewing the three plays together.

In Twelfth Night, the intelligent and resourceful Viola and her twin brother Sebastian are separated during a shipwreck, each believing the other is dead. Disguising herself as a boy to serve in the court of Duke Orsino, Viola is sent on a mission to woo the Countess Olivia on his behalf. But Olivia falls desperately in love with Viola’s alter ego.

In Schiller’s Mary Stuart, a political prisoner is accused of religious extremism, incitement of war and masterminding assassination. She has been retrospectively charged with a law that was invented specifically for her. She has been denied access to witnesses and found guilty by a jury – but not a jury of her peers.

That would be impossible; her only peer is Queen Elizabeth I. This presents Elizabeth with a terrifying dilemma: to reign in fear for the rest of her life or to have her cousin and fellow queen executed.

Mary Stuart has been adapted by Daniel Miller and Mark Leipacher, who also directs all three productions.

Mary Stuart Gallery

On a sultry midsummer night, the young and wilful Miss Julie has caused a stir by dancing at a party in the servants’ quarters. She is ferociously attracted to the intelligent and experienced Jean, her father’s footman.

Their battle of the sexes rapidly escalates from flirtatious contest to a dangerous need for control in Strindberg’s masterpiece of class, lust, and power.

Miss Julie is adapted by Emily Juniper.

The 2012 Rep Season runs from Wednesday, January 4 to Saturday, February 18, 2012. For times and tickets visit