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The Merchant of Venice - The London Theatre

The Merchant of Venice

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

VENTURE Wolf Productions is presenting Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice at The London Theatre, New Cross, from April 9 to April 14, 2013.

Comic, compelling and tragic, The Merchant of Venice is a thrilling journey of love and betrayal, where the lines between justice and vengeance are blurred.

Young and impulsive, Bassanio is certain he can prove himself and win the heart of the wealthy Portia. Yet saddled with debt, he can’t even get to see her. When his oldest friend, Antonio, offers to borrow the money for him they have no option but to turn to Jewish misfit Shylock.

Bullied and persecuted by them both, will failure to pay give Shylock the opportunity to demand his pound of flesh and enact ultimate revenge? In this world of men and money can the beautiful Portia outwit them all to find love and stop a murder?

Venture Wolf’s staging sees the action set against a backdrop of 1980’s Britain – a time of ambition and hardship, where new moral values offered excitement and tragedy, challenging old loyalties and social structures.

Though Bassanio’s group of mates live for the thrill of love and fun, he dreams of a new life with the rich and beautiful Portia. His oldest friend Antonio, having successfully embraced the new wealth, offers to help pay for him to see her by borrowing the money against his shares in shipping.

After years of cruel treatment and resentment towards Shylock, a hard working but unlikeable immigrant, they have no choice but to turn to him for a loan. Arrogant and self assured Antonio never doubts he can meet the repayment yet if his ships fails to come in it will cost him his life.

Paul Vitty directs a cast that includes Julie McLellan, Daisy Watts, James Paul Taylor, Adam Courting, Harry Winterbottom, Caitlin McMillan, Nicholas Lautman, Tim Fordyce, Adam Boyle, Olivia Popica, Darren Lacey and Sinead Phelps. Assistant Director is Genevieve Ray.

Tickets: £12 – available online at

Times: 8pm (5.30pm on Sunday, April 14).

The London Theatre, 443 New Cross Road, London, SE14 6TA