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The Sixth Annual London Improvathon - Hoxton Hall


Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

EXTEMPORE Theatre in association with Die Nasty are presenting The Sixth Annual London Improvathon at Hoxton Hall – from Friday, January 11 at 7pm to Sunday, January 13 at 9pm.

On the 90th anniversary of Howard Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, the 6th annual 50-hour London Improvathon will celebrate the glory days of Carter and Egyptology.

It’s The Mummy meets Indiana Jones via Dorothy Parker and Agatha Christie! What secrets lie buried in the desert sands? Will there be greater discoveries than Tutenkhamun’s tomb? What is the riddle of the Sphinx? And what happens when performers stay awake for over 50 hours?

As the cast of improvisors from the UK, America, Canada, Australia, Norway, The Netherlands, Austria and France gather in the old hotel overlooking the market square, prepare for an epic odyssey of romance, mystery and adventure…

The Improvathon is imported from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) where for 20 years, the Die Nasty troupe have held an annual ‘Soapathon’. In 2005, it was discovered by the late great theatre maverick Ken Campbell, who brought the event to the UK where it later became produced annually by Adam Meggido and The Sticking Place.

Some of the improvisers – musicians, technicians and the director – will go the distance for a full 50 hours of non-stop performance. After 30 hours without sleep, the performers are peeled back to their ‘lizard brain’ resulting in a wild, uncensored and euphoric playing style not seen anywhere else in the world!

Although the action plays like four seasons of a favourite DVD box set all in one sitting, each episode is self-contained, so audiences can drop in for any 105 minute episode which stands alone. However, many people get caught up in it and want to stay for more!

There will be a special children’s episode between 11am and 1pm on Sunday morning. This will be suitable for families and children of all ages.

Among those taking part are Mark Meer, Jacob Banigan, Cariad Lloyd, Ruth Bratt and Pippa Evans. Adam Meggido directs.

Tickets: £10 for all episodes, £7 concessions, £5 if you want to stay on for
another episode (subject to availability). Full event Pass £55 (£45 if booked before January 5). Available on 020 7684 0060 or online at