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The Wardrobe Ensemble's hit comedy Education, Education, Education transfers to Trafalgar Studios

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

ACCLAIMED theatre company, The Wardrobe Ensemble, is bringing the award-winning comedy Education, Education, Education to London’s West End.

A co-production with Royal & Derngate, Northampton and Shoreditch Town Hall, it runs at Trafalgar Studios from May 31 to June 29, 2019.

We in Germany, and Europe, have been watching somewhat envious as your country’s been undergoing a resurrection… Your newfound pride in your culture and your heritage… It’s so wonderful to see a country wearing its identity so proudly on its sleeve.

It’s May 1997. The iPhone doesn’t exist, no one knows who Harry Potter is, Titanic is on the shelves of every Blockbuster and we have just won Eurovision. Britain is the coolest place in the world.

First a Eurovision win and now Tony’s our new Prime Minister. I can barely recognize this country; you know I actually saw people smiling on the train this morning.

At the local secondary school it’s a different story. It’s the last week of term and Tobias, the new German language assistant has just arrived in the UK. While political change occurs outside of the classroom, a revolution slowly starts to take place within it. Tobias is greeted by a group of eccentric schoolteachers just trying to make it through the day, including Miss Belltop-Doyle who can’t control her year 10s and Mr Pashley who is trying to keep a confiscated Tamagotchi alive.

Speaking on this momentous day the Prime Minister, Tony Blair said: “At a good school, children gain the basic tools for life and work. But they ought also to learn the joy of life: the exhilaration of music, the excitement of sport, the beauty of art, the magic of science. And they learn the value of life: what it is to be responsible citizens who give something back to their community.”

Described as a whip-smart show, Education, Education, Education is a love letter to education in the 90s and is jam-packed with more hits than Now That’s What I Call 1997 including Oasis, Katrina and the Waves and The Spice Girls. It is also crammed with Teletubbies references, jokes about Take That and the Macarena.

The Wardrobe Ensemble uses its singular style of irreverent humour and inventive theatricality to dissect education and responsibility at the dawn of Blair’s Britain in 1997. In Education, Education, Education audiences are thrown back to the 90s; the music, the fads and the icons as well as issues that remain pertinent to the twenty-first century experience.

The cast of Education, Education, Education includes: Tom Brennan (as Paul McIntyre), Ben Vardy (Tim Pashley), Jesse Meadows (Susan Belltop-Doyle), Emily Greenslade (Emily Greenslade), James Newton (Tobias) and Tom England (Hugh Mills).

Education, Education, Education has been devised by The Wardrobe Ensemble and is directed by Jesse Jones and Helena Middleton. Further casting will be announced in due course.

Presented in the West End by Trafalgar Theatre Productions and Eilene Davidson, Education, Education, Education is designed by Lucy Sierra, with lighting design by Katharine Williams, sound design by Ben Grant, dramaturgy by Bea Roberts and associate sound design by Daniel Balfour. Wardrobe supervisor is Felicity Jones.

For more information or to book tickets, call the box office on 0844 871 7632 or visit

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