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Three legendary operas re-told in one production - Peacock Theatre

Trioperas Carmen by Dee McCourt (Borkowski Arts).

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

COMBINING opera with multiple artforms, Trioperas will receive its world premiere at the Peacock Theatre, where it runs from May 23 to July 1, 2018.

Described as a glorious fusion of classical music, musical theatre, circus and dance, Trioperas re-creates three of the most popular operas ever written – Turandot, Madame Butterfly and Carmen – with show stopping energy, bold choreography and memorable music that everyone knows and loves.

Written and created by musician, producer and lawyer Pamela Tan-Nicholson, who is famous for combining traditional techniques with contemporary methods of performance, this spectacular reimagining of three classic operas bucks the conventional depiction of the female protagonists – a Chinese princess, a Japanese geisha and a Spanish gypsy – and instead portrays them as reluctant heroines generations ahead of their time.

Turandot is a cross-dressing daredevil warrior-princess, Madame Butterfly is an ambitious and proud Japanese geisha and Carmen, the free-spirited Spanish gypsy party girl, struggles to stay faithful to her devoted but incompatible lover.

With a cast which includes incredible dancers, acrobats, top-class singers and even an onstage orchestra, Trioperas is a mind-blowing journey through three classic operas which if viewed individually would take over ten hours to watch. Trioperas is in three 35-minute acts incorporating, among other things, breakdancing, ballet, tap, kung-fu, salsa, and Chinese lion wushu techniques.

Uniquely, Trioperas has been designed for all female cast members to rotate roles in the three operas. Nine multi-talented female performers from a variety of artistic disciplines and backgrounds feature in the production – Sianna Bruce, Keedie Green, Sara Hamilton, Lucy Kay, Martina Mennell, Sarah Naudi, Shoreina Pereira, Katie Shalka and Chiarra Vinci.

Each role has a distinct emotional journey and every actor faces different artistic, dramatic and technical challenges. Cast rotation is intended to keep portrayal of each role sharp, fresh and non-routine. This is especially important in opera where musical performance drives the story and emotions are expressed in a multitude of ways. This also ties in with Tan-Nicholson’s philosophy that every woman can identify, in one way or another, with each female character in Trioperas.

In this challenging production, many of the roles are not gender-specific and male/female cast members interchange, understudy and double for each other. The performers require superb vocal skills to meet the demanding operatic repertoire, convincing dramatic authority over a range of extreme emotions, and physical discipline to perform a dazzling variety of dance and stunts.

Trioperas is brought to life by a stellar production team including choreography from Royal Ballet Principal Steven McRae, and music direction from Royal Opera House concertmaster and creative producer Vasko Vassilev.

In an innovative take on theatre catering, Trioperas offers ‘opera boxes’ which can be purchased pre-show and at each interval (there are two) allows audiences to delve further into the cultures explored on stage. Taste buds will tingle as theatre-goers enjoy a selection of delicious dishes from China, Japan and Spain consecutively as well as themed cocktails.

This is a show for opera fanatics and newbies alike; for everyone who has ever hummed along to Nessun Dorma without knowing where it comes from; and for every opera buff who thinks they’ve seen it all. This is musical drama at its very finest, featuring hit songs such as One Fine Day, Humming Chorus, Habanera, The Toreador Song and many more.

A spectacular, high-adrenaline experience for audiences of all ages, Trioperas is an all-singing, all-dancing night out.

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