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Thriller - Live celebrates selling 1,000,000 tickets in W/E

Theatre news

THRILLER – Live, the concert show that celebrates the music of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, is celebrating selling 1,000,000 tickets in the West End and starting its fifth amazing year at the Lyric Theatre.

And for one lucky Thriller – Live fan attending the show on Tuesday, January 29, 2013, it will be a night they will never forget.

They will meet the cast on stage and be presented with a millionth customer golden ticket. They will also receive a copy of the stunning, sold-out limited edition, The Official Michael Jackson Opus, plus a fantastic collection of Thriller – Live merchandise and Michael Jackson CDS, courtesy of Sony.

Worth more than £450 and weighing in at 12kg, beautifully hand-bound in black leather, The Official Michael Jackson Opus is the only new publication approved and endorsed by the Estate of Michael Jackson and has more than 400 pages of never-before-seen photographs plus personal, heartfelt essays written exclusively by those who knew Michael best.

Thriller – Live opened in the West End in January 2009 after three acclaimed UK tours. It is currently booking at the Lyric Theatre until Sunday, September 15, 2013.

Several world tours have seen the show play to acclaim in 32 countries, including Germany, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Singapore, South Africa, China, Sweden, Finland and Norway. Just returned from a four-month run in Japan and opening in February for a five-month run in Brazil, Thriller – Live has now been seen by more than 2,500,000 people worldwide. And transporting the show worldwide has clocked up 1,000,000 truck miles.

Unlike other West End productions, Thriller – Live is not a rigid book musical with set songs, but is a constantly evolving music concert celebration. It brings to life on stage the distinctive high-energy dancing and pulsating sound of many of pop’s greatest hits, blending eye-popping video footage and effects together with dazzling choreography by the show’s award-winning director Gary Lloyd.

When Michael Jackson died, the Lyric Theatre became a focus for fans from all over the world, who created a massive shrine of flowers, candles and tributes. More than 40 books of condolence were signed in the foyer then sent to the Jackson family. A year after his death, a permanent West End memorial to Michael was unveiled in the theatre foyer.

To date, more than 30 young boys have sung the hits of the young Michael Jackson in the West End and around the world. The need to have six available at any one time has led the producers of Thriller – Live to launch an in-house training academy to train young boys. The MJ Academy opened its doors for the first time on Friday, November 9. Would-be MJs get classes in singing and dancing every Friday between 5pm and 8pm, with terms lasting three months .

Produced by Paul Walden and Derek Nicol for Flying Music in association with Adrian Grant for Key Concerts, Thriller – Live was originally conceived and created by Executive Director of the show, Adrian Grant, a long time associate of Michael Jackson, and author of Michael Jackson – The Visual Documentary.