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Truth's Vision: Work, Love and I - Bridewell Theatre

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

BRIDEWELL Theatre’s lunchtime programme continues with the award-winning show, Truth’s Vision: Work, Love and I, which runs from Tuesday, March 26 to Friday, April 12, 2013.

This musical comedy, which centres around one woman, Grace, and explores work, love and the struggle to win over herself, returns to London for its first full length run following a hugely successful tour of Ibiza.

Two sides of Grace’s personality, Truth (realist) and Vision (optimist), take audiences through a rollercoaster of emotions, with cabaret songs, a wild swing dance and a martial art fight with an imaginary cheating boy-friend – Ted, the hatstand. Think Freud meets Gershwin.

In 2012, Truth’s Vision: Work, Love and I won the Quirksome “Act2” award (Most Iinnovative Writing.) Through this, with the help of musical director Martin Berry (English National Opera) and Beth Shouler (National Theatre,) the show was restructured and developed from a 25 minute play into it’s full length of 45 minutes.

The devisers and performers of Truth’s Vision, Lily Lowe-Myers and Robyn Cooper, have been friends since the age of three and co-creators since childhood (winning the ‘Shots in the Dark’ festival at the age of 12 for the film Lonesome, directed by Lily.) In 2011, they set up Hatstand Productions together with the aim of creating ambitious, powerful work that inspires and uplifts audience members using different mediums of story telling.

Tickets: £7 on the door, £6 booked in advance – available online at

Time: 1pm.

Running Time: 45 minutes.