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The Art of X2

Review by Dean Allen

XMEN'S rich visual universe is gloriously detailed in this companion book to the sequel that is breaking box-office records across the world. Filled with production sketches and behind-the-scenes photos, it's a rich extension for fans of the film.

Those familiar with 'art of' film books will instantly know what to expect. Detailed production drawings of sets and characters, and some for scenes that didn't make it into the final film. The oft-rumoured 'Danger Room' sequence, that has now been cut out of both films, is seen here in original designs and storyboards.

The most impressive aspect are the complete storyboards for some of the crucial action scenes.

Showing how director Bryan Singer and his artists develop the scenes, for those interested in filmmaking they are a fascinating insight.

Those looking for a detailed account of the making of the film will be disappointed, however, as the book focuses entirely on the art.

The only text here is a short interview with Bryan Singer and illustration explanations.

Available in two versions, the hardback (although more expensive) edition is almost twice the size of the soft back version and includes the entire screenplay, a 16-page special effects art from the first X-Men movie and more art and photos.

For almost twice the price, the choice is up to you, but whatever version, The Art of X2 is a fascinating look into the work that goes into the making of a major summer blockbuster before a single frame has been shot.

Edited by Timothy Shaner, Titan
£15.99 (soft back) £29.99 (hardback)

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