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Autumn - Jean Mulatier

Review by Lizzie Guilfoyle

JEAN Mulatier, the renowned French artist whose caricatures have appeared in such prestigious publications as Esquire, The Sunday Times, Playboy and Elle, has recently published his first book of photography. And very good it is too.

Entitled simply Autumn, it is exactly what it professes to be - 'a stunning tribute to the majesty of autumn foliage around the world'.

A total of 137 images, from places as far removed as New England and Japan, capture the beauty of one of nature's most colourful spectacles. It's all here, from the simplest to the grandest, in the intricacy of a single leaf to the abstract splendour of birch trees reflected in a mountain lake.

Autumn, though, isn't just about leaves. Berries, mists and frosts all play an integral part and Mulatier has used his camera to great effect, creating images that communicate the season's distinctive and varied moods. All that's missing is a bonfire.

Also included are ornamental cabbages - not something I would have thought to photograph although they are, in fact, quite charming - as well as the odd duck or two. There are even a few abstracts thrown in for good measure.

And quite apart from an evocative preface by Mulatier himself, the whole is interspersed with literary quotations on the relevant themes of autumn, nature and beauty.

This is a lovely book although, as with everything, it's all a matter of taste. For myself, I have just one quibble - I wish it was bigger so that it could truly do justice to its subject. For to quote John Donne, 'No spring, nor summer beauty hath such grace. As I have seen in one autumnal face.'



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