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Landscapes of New Zealand - Warren Jacobs

Review by Lizzie Guilfoyle

ALTHOUGH a comparatively small country, New Zealand can legitimately lay claim to the most diverse range of landscape on earth, which means that, throughout its two main islands, no two areas are completely the same.

And what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in grandeur.

Acclaimed photographer, Warren Jacobs, is justifiably proud of his native land and it shows in each and every image in his beautifully presented book, Landscapes of New Zealand - a book dedicated to his wife Sally who, in their 50 years together, 'has been quick to spot many great picture opportunities'.

And it's all here, in glorious colour, frequently in full or even double page spreads - snow-capped mountains, cascading waterfalls, beautiful coastlines, inland lakes, forests, volcanoes and fiords.

There's even grazing sheep and cattle - everything, in fact, that makes New Zealand what it is.

And what delightful names - Waipunga Falls, Lake Pukaki, Mt. Ruapehu and Motueka Valley - apt reminders of New Zealand's polynesian heritage.

Add to this a highly informative text by award-winning travel writer, Jill Worrall, and you have New Zealand at your fingertips. So, just why I wonder, were geography lessons at school never like this?

Perhaps I should also add that I gave this book to my son-in-law who has travelled extensively throughout New Zealand and he was impressed, to say the very least.

For many of us, New Zealand is but a distant dream; for others, it will be forever Middle Earth. However, with Jacobs' book, we can live the fantasy, yet know, too, that it's there for the taking.

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