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Sante D'Orazio: A Private View

Review by Jack Foley

BORN in 1956, Sante d'Orazio grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and studied fine arts at Brooklyn College. His photography has appeared in Vogue, Allure, Elle, GQ, Playboy, Interview (giving you an idea of what to expect) and his commercial clients include L'Oreal and Victoria's Secret.

d'Orazio won Grand Prize at the International Festival of Fashion Photography in 1994 and was named one of the 100 most important people in photography by American Photo in 1998. He lives in New York.

A veritable who's who of the hip and the trendy, A Private View offers perfect coffee table viewing - providing an evocative, stimulating and frequently erotic insight into the life of one of the world's top photographers.

Part personal diary (hand written scribbles are to be found on the side of most pages), and part portfolio of the best he has to offer; A Private View has something guaranteed to command the attention on most of its many pages.

This is a guy who has managed to get some of the world's top models - Cindy Crawford, Helena Christensen and Elle Macpherson - to pose topless or naked, as well as some of Hollywood's most sought-after actresses - Elisabeth Shue, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore look particularly alluring.

But this is far more than simply a book about topless totty (not a bad thing!), as d'Orazio has also captured the likes of Hollywood icons Al Pacino, Robert de Niro, Sean Penn and Dennis Hopper in classic poses, while also delivering some moody shots of rock stars such as The Rolling Stones, Janet Jackson and Axl Rose.

This is a book which fans of portrait photography are bound to keep returning to, therefore making it an essential companion. Buy it and see for yourselves.

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