Die Hard: With A Vengeance (15)

Review by Jack Foley

DVD FEATURES: Scene access; 'Behind the Scenes: Die Hard with a Vengeance' featurette; 'A Night To Die For: McClane is Back' featurette; Die Hard 3 featurette; Seven visual effects featurettes: The Great Jump, Shimmying Down Cable, Jackson Plummets, Grabbing Onto Crane, Fall in Front of Taxi, Water Gushing Through Tunnel, Willis Shot out of Tunnel; An interview with Bruce Willis; Alternative ending; 'Villains' profile' featurette; Theatrical trailers; English subtitles.

BRUCE Willis returns with a vengeance in this pumped up action fest which was a brilliant addition to the John McLane saga.

Set in New York, the premise this time sees Willis and colleague Samuel L Jackson take on Jeremy Irons' sadistic German terrorist, or "exceptional thief", who indulges in a game of 'Simon says' with McLane and co while he sets about staging the ultimate heist.

Simon, you see, is the brother of Alan Rickman's failed terrorist, Hans Gruber, from the first film, and he is more than a little pissed that McLane dropped his sibling from the top of an extremely tall building.

But what starts out as a cat and mouse battle of wits between the pair turns into a race against time as McLane battles to complete the tasks set for him while bidding to prevent a bomb going off at a school and preventing Simon from getting away with the gold.

Director John McTiernan thankfully dispersed with the idea of having McLane run around trying to save his wife for a third time (the two no longer speak in this movie) and went for this all-action thrill-ride which has you hooked from the moment a building is destroyed by a bomb blast in the very first frame.

The casting of Jackson is also a master-stroke, as the rivalry between himself and McLane is wonderfully played and frequently amusing. So sit back and enjoy trying to work out how the pair transfer the water between containers to prevent another device going off, or bicker as they take a short cut through Central Park.