Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (18)

Review by Enzo Presta

DVD FEATURES: Disc One: Digitally Mastered in High Definition using the filmless digital files; Commentaries: 1) Co-Director and Crew/ 2) Animation Director, Editor and Staging Director; Isolated Score with Commentary by Composer Elliot Goldenthal; Storyboard/Playblast selects with optional Filmmaker Commentary. Also includes Subtitle factoids; Interactive Animation Menus: Featuring CGI; Intros Created by Square Pictures; Scene Selection with Motion Images; Theatrical Trailers; Production Notes.

KEVIN Smith seems to have great affection for his comedy duo, Jay and Silent Bob, to the extent that he feels they can now carry a film themselves after impressive cameos in the likes of Dogma and Chasy Amy. I think he is wrong.

Where, many of Smith's fans will agree, the cameo kings have appeared in the writer/director's previous films, they have always been under control, to bring a watchable, and likeable performance to the screen.

In this new film, they are left to roam uncontrolled, and anything can happen. So rather than anything structured, coherent or typically Smith-like in design, we now have a mixed bag of a film, which may may be too much for your average cinema-goers, but will still make the die-hard Smith fans happy.

Even worse, there are times when the film follows its peers' such as American Pie's example and goes for the teen market with a lot of bad language and some silly, toilet humour.

But having said that there are some clever in-jokes and many funny cameos (from the likes of Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Chris Rock, Shannon Elizabeth and lots more), which help to keep the film watchable - and the funniest moment must go to long-time Smith collaborators Affleck and Damon, who, from the the 'set' of Good Will Hunting 2, having a slanging match involving the films they have made separately from each other.

In fact, there are times when it feels like Smith is having a party with the studios' money, to which all of his friends were invited!! The movie is one big joke, and you'll probably like it if your in on it, but otherwise avoid.

The plot in question, in case you were wondering, finds Jason Mewes's Jay and Kevin Smith's Bob racing from New Jersey to Hollywood to try and stop Miramax making a movie about them. And that's really all you need to know.