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Amina Lawal - facing death penalty for adultery

An open letter on behalf of Amnesty International

Dear All

The Nigerian Supreme Court has upheld the death sentence for Amina Lawal, condemned for the crime of adultery on August 19 2002, to be buried up to her neck and stoned to death.

Her death was postponed so that she could continue to nurse her baby.

Execution is now set for June 3.

If you have not been following this case, you might like to know that Amina's baby is regarded as the 'evidence' of her adultery. The father denied everything when he realised the trouble he was in.

To find out more about sharia law, click here...

Amina's case is being handled by the Spanish branch of Amnesty International, which is attempting to put together enough signatures to make the Nigerian Government rescind the death sentence. A similar campaign saved another Nigerian Woman, Safiya, condemned in similar circumstances.

By March 4, the petition had amassed over 2,000,600 signatures. It will take you only a few seconds to sign Amnesty's online petition. Click here...

Enter your first name in the space marked, 'nombre', last name, 'apellidos', county, 'provincia', and in the drop down box pick eg Reino Unido (United Kingdom). Then click on "seguir" and then go to the second page.

There you have the option of entering your email address if you wish to receive follow-up information. In any case, be sure to click on "accceptar" to have your name added to the petition list.

Please sign the petition now, then refer your compassionate friends to this appeal (by email?).

I hope you do not mind my passing this appeal on to you, but I feel strongly that something must be done about this horrific practice.

Thanking you in anticipation of your help.

Paul Bugden

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