Take Care of Yourselves, Flamm-style

Story by Jack Foley

BERLIN artist Christian Flamm is currently holding his first London show at asprey jacques gallery in London, entitled Take Care of Yourselves.

The artist is best known known for his paper cut-out silhouettes, in which he depicts large format boldly coloured images - lone figures or groups of people, abstract forms and interiors. Placed in varying situations of love, work and political reaction, these scenarios, though familiar to us all, are presented in such a detached manner that they carry with them an unnerving ambiguity.

For his latest work, however, Flamm has moved his focus away from the graphic imagery into a more ambiguous conceptual space.

The exhibition at asprey jacques, which runs until August 2, paints the gallery dark gray and fills the air with a perfume, while a video is shown, documenting the artist releasing a white dove, an act performed at his recent exhibition in Berlin.

This opulent Baroque-like atmosphere will conjoin with the paper cut-outs on the walls to create a vision of eccentricity; yet simultaneously it will act as an ode to pastoralism. Flamm uses this juxtaposition of images and ideas as a means of exploring the varying associations in society and its actions.

Born in Stuttgart in 1974, Flamm has appeared in two previous shows at asprey jacques, including 'Hallucinating Love', in the summer of 2001, and a group show of young German artists.

He has been featured in many recent exhibitions, including his second solo exhibition, 'Vacation from Myself', at Galerie Neu in Berlin, and in 'The German Open' at the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, as well as 'Come in' at the IFA in St Petersburg.

asprey jacques, 4 Clifford Street, London. Gallery hours: Tuesday - Friday, 10am-6pm, and Saturday, 10am-1pm
The gallery will be closed for the month of August.